Monday, October 27, 2008

Fortune Boy chinese takeaway!

Wanting a bit of change in the taste of our food yesterday, Sara & I ordered some chinese takeaway food nearby Jubilee Campus. We have damn a lot of brochures for takeaways, kebabs and pizzas. This is our 1st itme ordering Chinese Takeaway, and Sara suggested Fortune Boy.

Fortune Boy it is!

The list of food they offer

Selecting what to order

For those of you who UNDERSTAND me well...
You might have guessed what I would order.
I ordered D17 - Roast Pork with Mixed Vegetables & Egg Fried Rice

It took 40 minutes for the food to arrive.
Looks like a meal from the airplane eh?


Bon Appetit!

I would give this a rating of 7/10. I've recently lowered down the my taste standard due to scarcity of chinese food. Hahaha. It's very very filling, and it costs GBP3.80.


  1. whoa!! quite nice wor!! packing like those cake i bought from cold storage!! haha...

    7/10! sure very nice!! ahhaha...

  2. i am a regular customer to the fortune boy even tho i am from clifton, i ordered a large order tonight of £25.70 from them it toke 1.15 hrs to get to me they said it was due to students.

    i ate some bbq spare ribs n looked at the one i was eating. to be horified i found some kind of animals leg bone in it! i str8 away phoned them and asked for a full refund, they came to my house and saw the bone and DID NOT DENIE IT WAS A LEG BONE, and said they would give me a refund for them long as they had the bone. i refused and have now reported this to Nottingham City Trading Standards, they will be receive the bone!

    dont buy from these i warn you dont know what you are eating from them!