Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Big Wok!!!

Sometimes, having to crave my desperation for chinese food, we would go to 1 of the buffet restaurants at the city centre in Nottingham. We usually go to either Big Wok or May Sum. It seems like the guys like it better at Big Wok instead of May Sum whereas Sara & I had another opposing opinion. We prefer May Sum instead.

A buffet costs around GBP6.00 – GBP6.50 and it’s all you-can-eat buffet, so it’s best to go there with an empty stomach to fully utilise what you’ve paid for. Being very Malaysian, it’s one of our culture to eat like : If you pay GBP6.50 for a buffet meal, you just got to eat the amount of food that’s more than GBP6.50 and if not, you won’t leave the restaurant. (Lim, 2008). Hahaha.

On 19/10/2008, we went to Big Wok (again) :


My 1st round : I had sweet & sour pork, char siew with egg fried rice, fried brocolli, long beans, cabbage (ahh finally, some chinese styled vegetables!) and black bean with beef.

Yours truly with her bowl of noodles


Taa daa! Noodles baby!! Koay Teow with fishballs and minced pork meat with the oily chilly!!

Fried noodles, eggs with pork meat, beef meat, lemon chicken and tofu!

Coconut milk and honeydew with sago! *i’m so touched that i was almost in tears*


Vanilla ice cream + chocolate coating


Marshmallows & chocolate

At the end of the day, I kinda regret cause I didn’t go for another round or two for the main meals (like the first few pictures above). I should have. Haha. Anyway, the glutton-ness in me cause me a mild diarrhea the next day. Hee hee. Okay, I shall promise myself next time that I ought to go for at least 5 main meals before hitting on the dessert & extras.

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