Saturday, November 29, 2008

Skipped. Again.

Hellooooo there everyone! I know most of everyone is dreadfully busy right now with the pile load of assignments. I’m done with all my individual assignments, but still left with group assignments and presentations all due next week, but I’ll take a break and HELLO ONLYFOODIE!

Entrepreneurship & Business report that was due on 28th November 2008, I handed in on the 25th November 2008 together with Sara.

I’m done with my Economics, but haven’t get it printed out yet, OK, will do so on Sunday, since deadline is on the 2nd Dec.

Alright, enough to turn you off with assignments.

Let’s move on to something appetizing.


Last few weeks ago, dinner was once again utterly disappointing. *sigh* catered halls…

The choices were : Raddish pasta, lamb meat and the disgusting sausage that looks like sh*t.

Which leaves us no choice BUT to…

dial Fortune boy! Takeway!


Guess what did I order???


Sweet & Sour Pork + Egg Fried Rice that costs GBP3.95.

My comments?

Well… the colour, I think they put some colouring into the sauce cause… you see… and… VERY SWEET. VERY VERY SWEET.

Anyhow,  you gotta see it LIVE yourself and besides, this picture is blur.


Complemented by a cup of hot chocolate. YUMMY!


And look what’s for dessert! It’s from Han Hung, taken from Starbucks in US. Haha.


So that’s all folks, dinner a few weeks ago. I know its quite outdated, but just wanna inform you that I’ve access to 1 of my favourite food – Sweet & sour Pork. Hee hee hee =P


  1. hmmmm, i dont know man but it sure doesnt look appetizing enuff for me to drool, it looks like blood..=P

  2. haha when u have shitty hall food like us (soemtimes really shitty), anything other than that would be heaven! ahha
    seems like sara & i dun have fate with campus food...

  3. yA hor...
    our food now are much more better than b4 d!!
    BUT u already in UK! lols...
    nvm la... uk campus they might change caterer??

  4. Hello,

    found your blog while doing blog hope. Nice dessert from US.

    Do drop by at my blog:

    Hope to see u there :)

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