Saturday, November 1, 2008


Some of the wordings are smeared cause I accidentally dropped 1 of the cupcakes on top of the cupcakes. Haha

Love a cupcake, do you?

Cupcakes are the in trend replacing traditional birthday cakes these days. Last September, twas my mom's 4_ birthday. Rather getting her a birthday cake, I planned to get her something unique, like cupcakes. (must "sek cho" a bit cause I got a Nikon DSLR a few days before). Haha just jokin'.

In Penang, one of the famous Cupcake-r is : Cupcakes4you

At a very reasonable price, you can get very nice cupcakes. Do have a look at them. I bet you'll want to get yourself some cupcakes even though there's no celebration or anysorts. Just to have it for fun and to eat.

I ordered 49 mini cupcakes with 10 sugarpaste designs, and for the 49 mini cupcakes, its a random of 3 flavours - vanilla, american chocolate and cuppacino. It costs RM80 for all that. I ordered the cupcakes 2 weeks earlier before mom's birthday, and collected it on the day itself.

Here's some pictures of cupcakes that I ordered for mom :

Beautiful sugarpaste designs


Lovely and they're not very sweet

In KL, I'm not sure of what or where to get Cupcakes. But I do remember my lovely friends got me cupcakes for the surprise party.

Cupcakes by Paradiso

The actual ones

Lovely, aint it?

This is a 2nd post about cupcakes cause there's 1 cupcake post by Jonathan. Haven't read about it yet? Click here . It's always nice to update or blog about cupcakes cause there'll always be a different design for it and different occassions to celebrate. Don't you think so? That's why we, OnlyFoodie will always be updating yall about food... food... and more food! Just stay tuned as we have more food posts coming up!

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