Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fortune Boy again!

Dinner at the cafeteria was downright disappointing again. I was already at the cafeteria and looked at the food served. The food was yucky. So I called Sara who was not down yet and told her about the food. The food served was… hamburger, potatoes that looked like fried wontons (from afternoon), and sausages that looked like sh*t. and  Then we settled down by ordering take away food from Fortune Boy.

So I called Fortune Boy at 6.11PM after Sara told me what she wanted. It took me 10 calls to finally get through Fortune Boy’s number!

Initially, I was told that the food is going to take 45 minutes to arrive. So I was like, Oh.. Okay.. So I was expecting 7PM then. Little did I know, by 6.34PM, the food is already here.

Chicken and Mushrooms with Egg fried rice

Wonton soup that costs me GBP1.90

Overall… the chicken and mushrooms with egg fried rice is nice! Then, the wonton soup, it’s just ok-ok only la… and there’s only 5 wontons. Haha just imagine in Malaysia if you were to pay RM12 just to eat 5 wantons. Imagine how the customer would beat the shit outta the wonton seller!

Anyway, I think the soup by Fortune Boy is so much better compared to Ho Lok’s cause Ho Lok serves sucky starchy and buttery soup!

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