Friday, November 14, 2008

Snacks from penang!

penang tambun bia

1:Him Heang Tam Bun Bia
2:Beh teh Saw
3: Actual look of tam bun bia
4: A nice packaging

Last week, me, Derek, and wey shaun were invited to have this snacks from Wei Qi!!  *thanks*  Obviously she is a penangiat!! haha… Rachael!! do u miss Penang food?? hahah… i m sure u will give me a big YES ! hahaa…

this tam bun bia… from a most famous shop in Penang, Him Heang!!! You might not get to buy this when u go penang… depends on ur luck and how much effort u putting in to  SAPU this !! smile_winkI better dun walk in and buy, you are recommended to know some Penang people and ask them to RSVP for u!!


  1. hahaha i do recommend you to go on weekdays and... go there early morning like 10am.

    hahaha i dun miss the tambun biscuits... hahaha i didnt touch them for almost a year already. hahaha.

    the only thing im beginning to miss is laksa and tomyam and sambal! ahhaha

  2. oh! means when the shop started business! lols...

    owh? u dun like it?? lols.. mayb u all too used to it d! already IMMUNE !!! but for us.... damn addicted!!! haha...

    oh! u know, our sa cafeteria! got curry laksa, prawn mee, sambal rice... and alot alto etc!! lols...