Sunday, February 17, 2008

cNy cOmbo~

well.. tis cNy i was freaking busy untill dont have time to update my blog.. i had some gud food in this cNy.. but i felt sick on the second day~!! wth...
aikhs... that was the first time i visited hospital during cNy leh... was that a bad sign?? lol...
i jus took some photos of food.. lol....well, lets start~


wow... that was my first time cooking tis! i tot cola chicken jus a myth in hk drama.. lol..
untill that day ah jhen told me her mom cooking cola chicken for her dinner, then i tool the recepi from her~! lol...
that was not bad! and super freaking easy to cook..

what u have to prepare is a bottle of coca-cola and some chicken wings, few sliced of ginger, some black soya souce and a cooking pot!
first, jus seasoned those chicken wings with soya sauce for approximately 30 minutes, then pour all coca-cola into the cooking pot with chicken wings. then jus let it cook for about 15 mins~! DONE
it was so creamy... lol

last but not least, tis dish can be done in anywhere!! lol.. i think i ll cook tis in hostel~ haha..
difficulties : 0 ( zero)
kOlO mEE

kOlO mEE... first time i heard bout this name~ lol...

the very first time she introducing it to me... i think... " what so special ohh...." lol..

according to alice, this is the most famous food in kuching sarawak! lol... i asked her to " fly " some food to me in kl~ lolzz.. kOlO mEE is the only one who got the Malaysia Airline Ticket from alice.. lol...

kOlO mEE! it was so.. erm.. not only delicious but it really has a nice smell.. although it din mixed with any sauce.. that was totally different from anykind of mee available in klang valley... kl-people.. please do take care of our health.. dun take too much soya sauce.. lol..

kOlO mEE! by alice ^^

what a nice kOlO mEE ! lol....


i started my skol on last monday, i was still in holiday mood the previous week~! lol...

jus because i waiting for the 8th day of my cNy, that day will be a happening day in my family. traditionally, v will order a xiuG to " bai tian gong ". lolzzz... evione jus craving for it! haha

Friday, February 1, 2008


well, today i did a test-cook on a dish that i din cook for a loooong time. i think the latest time i cook this dish was 2 years ago. i jus wanna prove i still remember the cooking method. well... the result told me...yea, u still remember! haha..

actually this dish was taught by my aunty Mary. She is a greeeat chef~! haha.. nex time got chance, i ll cook "mary-style" chicken cury and post it here! =)

about coarseSugarChicken, main ingredients are 2 chicken drumstick with thigh, 5 chili padi, coarse sugar and 5 pieces of sliced ginger.

first, u have to pour some* suger into non-stick pot and let them melt. after that put in all the chili padi and ginger, stir.

after that add chickens and cook for approximately 10 minutes.

another alternative way is, u can fried the chicken untill 80% done in advanced and then mix with melt sugar.

try it ya!!

p/s: about " some* " mentioned above, plz email me and get the right information.

difficulties: ** (2 stars)

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