Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bored of Manhattan Fish ?? Try This one !!

2 days ago, on the way back to my house. I stopped by fish&Co. to have my dinner. Erm.. i think fish & Co will be the competitor for MFM. The thing that attracted me was the phrase under their name, * seafood in a pan* ! lol...

seafood in a pan ^^

nice environment

table setting

From the menu, i ordered newyork fish and chips, yanz ordered the best fish and chips in the town. lol...

According to fish & Co, "new york fish & chips" will be my favourite fish & chips with cheese staffing guaranteed to get me hooked! lol...

we also ordered a calimari~

nor.. New York fish & chips!

one thing to make it diff from a classic fish & chips. the little flag~~ lol..

there was a layer of cheese spread inside the fish~

haha... gao dim!!

but my fren... din manage to finish it... ( but the portion was jus nice.... for me! ) lol...

do u still rmb Milwaukee? in that entry i mentioned about the glass was too tall and diff for ppl to drink rite? i think they can use this type of straw.. better rite?

comment : overall, fish & Co also a nice place for fish lover! lol.. although the portion was slightly smaller than Manhattan FM, but fish & Co is worth for money. Besides value, their quality definitely comparable with MFM. So, please try it out when u get bored of MFM. lol...

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