Sunday, March 23, 2008

Black Canyon Restaurant >Editor Choice of March<

firstly, i would like to recommend this restaurant to u all!! lol...

today i had my lunch at centrePoint BU again... lol...we were looking for some nice spot to eat...
initially i wanted to try long-dik-chuen-yan (in cantonese speaking). But my bro said it was not that worth to try! lol....

suddenly v found Black Canyon, lol... dunno y we would agreed to eat there! haha... mayb fate... come, let see~

i ordered a dinner set for my lunch... lol... but it was satisfying!!
the set came with a tomyam soup! this Tomyam was "Thai" enuff if compared with that thai sizziling @ Station Kopitiam.

This was the main course followed by the soup~~ the combination of steam rice, grilled chicken and some fresh cooked vege!! ICIBAN!!!! hahah....

i like this sambal!!! made me sweat alot! haha

Price: rm12.95/set

My brother ordered this fettucine. it was nice also! lol...

Price: rm9.95++/set

USA Fried Rice!

the setting was quite funny! hahah... Indian's Nasi Goreng USA totally different from this one! hahah... yanz said the rice was a bit sweet... mayb US people doesnt like spict! haha..

Price: rm12.95/set

In conclusion, this is so far a " must try" restaurant! haha... i suggest u to try their tomyam. i think better than secret recepi TomYamKung!! =)


  1. haha yeah! it totally looked good enough!
    exactly!!! station kopitiam's sizzling thingy is terrible!!!! goodness! i tried that sizzling something before! haihzz... waste of $$$!

  2. yeah! black canyon consider a better one !! lols...