Sunday, March 2, 2008

CQYD generation!

well, when i was kid, what i could cook when i hungry was only maggie mee, maggie mee and maggie mee~ lol..

thats because it was the easiest thing to cook!! 2 minutes to get things done! lolzz.. and all about brand loyalty and their marketing strategy!! ahha...

Nissin Noodles or CQYD in chinese, is a strong substitution of maggie mee! seriously, the quality, quantity, taste, smell is alot more nicer than maggie mee! at least.. you will not be eating the same shit evitime u feel hungry!! lol...

jus one thing u have to consider about, the price is 2x of the maggie mee. but u see, do u willing to pay 2x of the price by getitng 10x of satisfaction? lol...

TRY it~~

u can enjoy eating instant noodle from now onwards!!

it doesnt looks like instant noodles right?? lol.. believe it!

difficulties : * ( 1 star)

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