Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kopi Club @ Lowyat


Well, i just done with my Business Year 1 few days ago! I will use this short entry to defrost my blog from exam spree, Kopi Club @ Lowyat Plaza. Lowyat Plaza mustn't be a alien place for us, at least not for KL-rian. Well, wondering what to eat around that area while purchasing some IT stuff? Try Kopi Club. It is located at the ground floor (food floor), which is face to face to Hotdog 1901.

I am pretty sure it happened on 27th April, because that day itself was the grand opening of Krispy Kreme Malaysia. We had a long queue in the morning and had our lunchie over this place. Initially, this name was insufficient enough to convince me. Why would i said so? That was because KopiTIAM gave me a bad impression..  KopiClub is better than them. I am not saying their food is superb, but it did give me a higher satisfaction level than in KopiTiam.

IMG_1222 IMG_1219
Tomyam Seafood Set rm12.90
I would say, their tomyam is ordinary Malay-styled tomyam. Nothing much.

IMG_1221 IMG_1220
Fried Kuey Tiao rm7.90
Worth to try!

p/s: outing more than 10 hours a day = sleep even lesser after my final!!
Gonna have more interesting entries very soon! ciao~
take care!

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  1. hehe wei!!
    i always go there! my dad and mom looooves to have tea time there