Saturday, June 6, 2009

New York New York @ OneU

There are always some ‘happening’ things which ‘happening’ in One Utama New Wing. Well, oneU  became my first choice of shopping lately. Perhaps, it because human love new things and OneU hitting them at the right point. I passed by New York New York with Jon and Ash few months back, and i really looking forward to have a try!!


Finally, in an outing with Civil Engineering friends, i got a chance!! On that day itself, we spent about 25 minutes looking for parking space in car park !! We almost fed up and drove to The Curve. Fortunately, we managed to keep up our ‘effort’ and we found a space at 8.45pm.

DSC01567 DSC01561
Allen, me and Jhen. Photo taken by another PhotoPro, Samuel! :: Sweet Couple!

DSC01572 IMG_1814
We had our queue for 15 minutes !! and you can see how desperately i wanted to go in!!! :: Me, Sam and jhen were waiting to be seated!!

DSC01566 IMG_1815
Wai Seng :: Samuel TCM, a photographer who owning Nikon D90 soon!! *jealous*

IMG_1810 IMG_1811
What a long queue… Until we can had our cam whore session in front the restaurant. lol

Well well, The ‘Little’ Black Book…  Concealing unlimited of stunning quality foods underneath!!

IMG_1834 IMG_1835
i don’t remember the name.. Something got to do with.. “love love” thingy, ordered by the couple!
Root beer for Sam and WaiSeng

IMG_1838 IMG_1844
Cheesy Chicken rm23.90
Get ready for the greatest chicken dish ever invented…Half a roast chicken with loads of melted cheese!!

IMG_1847 IMG_1849 
Spaghetti Bolognese with Giant Meatball rm21.90
Good old traditional American spaghetti and meatballs. (Super Sinful)

IMG_1850 IMG_1851
Rotisserie Spring Chicken rm24.90

IMG_1845 IMG_1853
Jhen Jhen with her fish and chips!

Premium Quality Cape Style Fish n Chips! rm16.90
"We use only the finest imported Dory fish and the cooking methods borrowed from Cap Cod’s many fine kitchens. We bring you our multi awards winning Fish and Chips.” ,
 by New York New York

IMG_1857 IMG_1859
Chicken and Prawns Combo rm29.90
Rotisserie half chicken and Ocean fresh prawns fritters

IMG_1860 IMG_1862
Spaghetti Mushroom Alfredo with Roast Chicken rm25.90
Spaghetti in creamy mushroom Alfredo sauce and half a juicy roast chicken. Pasta Heaven.

IMG_1852 IMG_1878
Calamari rm10.90
Home-made crispy squid rings with their secret dipping sauce.
Lake Chocolate rm12.90
The ultimate chocolate combination! Blast off with this whirling pool of chocolate and the divine combination of scrumptious banana with your favourite ice cream, simply irresistible that it makes your taste buds tango for this lip smacking dessert. 

IMG_1867 IMG_1872
Too delicious until i din realise somebody was actually taking my photo! ::  Samuel :"VERY NICE”

IMG_1876 IMG_1877
Allen’s food… even NICER! hahaa…

Samuel showing how satisfying he was!!

IMG_1881 IMG_1883


P/s: A must try restaurant!!! I would suggest you to make a reservation in advance! Unless you want to cam whore in front of the shop like us! =) 03-77279400


  1. i started to miss New York New York edi.

  2. hahhaa... i jus had it again last week~~~
    weeee!! ahahhaa

  3. U make me so pressure lerrr Desmond... I m not going to own a D90.. but i m trying.... If in the end i cant get it very malu de wo.. say dao macam i confirm got it.. hahah!

  4. ahhaha... not pressuring u la! jus... a kind of motivation!! haha..

  5. well, since i cant go back KL n work... D90 gone lo~
    but now aiming D60 -.-''