Sunday, March 23, 2008

Station Kopitiam 'n BU6 AsamLaksa

Yesterday after futsal, we were discussing where to settle our dinner... after 10+ minutes debating... we agreed to go KimGary at Sri hartamas. ( nor... that WongZongZak one... know ? ) lol..

that time was raining, and 10 of us in 3 cars, we parked at different carpark. 3 of us were the earliest, but... dunno why KimGary was so pack that time!! lol...

that waitress said have to wait quite a long time, and we were somehow hungry d..
Opposite kimgary was Station Kopitiam, and we saw that 50% discount on the banner!! so we walked

mana tahu, 5 minutes after that, our fren called us..: " wei, where are you?? KimGary got place d ! " ... gosh.. we were....: " how now?? v sat down d wor.. so paiseh if walk out now.."

so we decided to eat in Station Kopitiam! lol... although some of them look dissapointed... but... try some new thing lo!!
let see what v ordered~

Omelet Fried Rice

the portion was so BIG.. bliv me! lol... first time i heard my fren said it was enuff for him... he usually ask for more after futsal! lol...

Price: rm7.90++

comment: according to miwang, it was ok ok~~ lol... and it was worth!!

Pattaya Fried Rice

eh.. macha @ nottingham, please have a look on this... people's pattaya looks so gud! LOL....

Price: rm 5.90++

Thai Sotong

wow... this one was really NICE!! lol... i think the sambal sauce made it taste gud!! haha...

but really nice!

Price: rm7.90++

Thai Sizziling Seafood

well... this was what i ordered that time! i felt dissapointing when i try the first taste...

it was... erm.... dunno.... not THAI enuff!! hahaa...

Price: rm9.90++

Curry Rice

i wasnt so sure bout the name... lol.. forgot jo!

Price: rm6.90++

BU6 Asam-Laksa

i feel so happy coz finally i tried something i been craving for so long!! lol...

my fren's mom is a vegePro !! Coz i rarely eat vegetarian food, so i wanted to try it long long time ago!! hahaa... same day morning, i visited his house and his mom cooked me vege-AsamLaksa! that was the first time i tried leh!!!

let me say something, if anyone of u had tried asam-laksa, u knew that it made up by fish soup right? but samething in the vege one. i felt like i was eating fish!!! amazing!

Thanks ya!!

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