Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Gurney Drive's Mua Chee

Us @ Gurney Drive

Gurney Drive is very famous for its abundant tasty delicious mouth watery local hawker food. Yes yes, but that was last decade. Now, yes, Gurney Drive is still famous for its local hawker food. But to get the really best other local hawker food, you have to go to numerous of places for it. Most food @ Gurney Drive now is so-so-ok-ok only.

Uncle working on our orders

In Gurney Drive, we have 1 stall selling Mua Chee which is really really good. Mua Chee is
a dessert popular at street hawkers. In english, its : Glutinous Rice Flour & Sesame Peanut Kuih. Mua Chee is 1 of my favourite desserts in Penang. I've been "pong chan"-ing this uncle's stall for more than 10 years already! Since I was a toddler! Same uncle, same taste... price different only. Haha.
Mua Chee

There are a lot of stalls selling the same thing, so you have to be aware of which stall gives you the best Mua Chee. To make things easier for you, I've taken photos of it. All you gotta do is just remember the stall sign & its operated by an uncle.

The stall
Chern Ta

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