Thursday, June 19, 2008

:: nAsi lemAk ::

Nasi Lemak, a VERY common rice for every malaysian! this is also a must-try food for every foreign tourist who visits malaysia. Other than nasi lemak, foods like roti canai, bak-kut-teh, and drinks like teh tarik and etc, reli attract them alot!! But for us.. haha...

Tourist : " eh Mr. Ali, i want to try lasirr limak! where can i get it? "
Ali : " Again??!! what did u say? "
Tourist : " erm.. that rice which cook with coconut milk and some chicken curry serving one! "
Ali : "Orh!!! NASI LEMAK~ aiyoh.. nasi lemak saja ma.. i mana pun boleh dapat la~ "

If i am not mistaken, i did cook nasi lemak in nottingham kitchen, but that time i failed to cook a nice one! lol... so that time if any1 of my coursemate tried it.. i apologize for that and what i can say is *pai seh* ! haha...

today, got some fresh chicken from market for me to cook Kari Ayam.
In modern days, there is a quicker way to cook kari ayam. U can get a packet of kari ayam paste from market and jus follow their direction which printed at the back of the packet!

Mixed the curry paste with onions and cili padi~ and fried it for approximately 5 mins.

Add chickens and cook it with low-level flame for 10 minutes.

Pour in appropriate coconut milk, i chose to add milk powder because i feel it is better for our health! lol... btw, for gurls.. hmm~ coconut milks is jus too FAT right? haha...

For sure, u must prepare a ikan bilis sambal!

ta DA~ enjoy your meal!!!

p/s : if u lazy to cook and rather pay few dollars to buy, i recommend u few places.

HIGH-END nasi lemak, u may go The Sakura Restaurant at Jalan Imbi, Madam Kwan's Nasi Lemak Restaurant ,Westin Gourmet breakfast, or any 4 or 5 bintang hotels...

Economically tasty nasi lemak, u may try Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa at Kampung Baru, Greenwood Nasi Lemak and etc

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