Wednesday, June 24, 2009

[Promo] 2 Course Meal for Rm29.90 @ TGI ?





Fried Mac & Cheese
Irresistible, creamy cheeses and elbow noodles golden-fried to perfection.

Boneless Wings
Succulent crispy pieces of chicken breast basted in traditional spicy Buffalo sauce.

Clam Chowder
A hearthy, creamy blend of celery, garlic scallion and potato lightly seasoned with pepper and rich with clams.


Cajun-Fried Chicken Salad
Crispy Cajun-battered chicken strips served on mixed greens with tomatoes, hard boiled egg and Monterey Jack cheese. Served with Honey Mustard dressing.

Fish & Chips
Three portions of fish filet battered and fried to golden brown. Served with crispy fries and tartar sauce.

Tuscan Chicken Melt
Fire-grilled diced chicken. Mozzarella and Jack cheeses, roasted onions and tomatoes, all pressed together between two slices of buttery bread. Served with crispy fries.

Sizzling Chicken & Cheese
A sizzling skillet of onions and peppers together with garlic-marinated chicken breast over melted Colby and Jack cheese. Served with cheddar cheese mashed potatoes.

Shanghai Chicken Salad
Chilled fire-grilled citrus chicken breast served over mixed greens, tossed with fresh low-fat Cilantro-Lime dressing, Mandarin oranges and diced tomatoes.

Cajun Shrimp & Chicken Pasta
Sauté shrimp, chicken and red bell peppers tossed in Cajun Alfredo sauce with fettuccine pasta and topped with Parmesan sauce.

Friday’s Cheeseburger
Fire-grilled with two slices of melted Colby cheeses, the classic fixings and crispy fries.



Add Rm6 for 2 choices of Dessert Minis.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

[Promo] Where to go Father’s Day?

Italian On Sixth- Exquisite Fine Italian Dining


For appetizers, there’s a selection of anti pasti such as the insalata capasante con pancetta  asparagus (light warm salad of pan-seared sea scallops with crispy bacon and asparagus, dressed with balsamic glaze); and insalata caprese con buffalo mozzerella  salsa pesto (fresh salad of tomato layered with mozzarella, fresh salad mesclun and pesto).


The insalata gamberi con salsa creama timo (fresh tiger prawns sautéed with lots of garlic and thyme, and set to flame with white wine and cream) is a refreshing start to the meal. The tangy dressing complemented the firm juicy tiger prawns perfectly and the creamy sauce just enhanced the rich flavours.

For soup (zuppa), we recommends the restaurant’s popular cream di funghi di bosco which is a rich creamy wild mushroom soup enhanced with porcini cream. The richness of the soup makes it memorable.

The filleto di merluzzo con asrapagi e salsa cream timo or pan-fried ocean cod with asparagus and thyme cream sauce was another light but flavourful dish that’s magnificent on the palate. The cod has a crispy outer layer but remains succulent on the inside. The delicate sauce made this dish heavenly.

The desserts, whether it is our restaurant’s popular tiramisu (that has a kick from the marsala in it) or the creamy rich panna cotta con ciccolata (white flan with bitter-sweet chocolate sauce), come with beautiful arty decorations on the side made from chocolate sauce highlighted with fruit sauces. The art of presenting each dish also serves to highlight the cuisine served at the restaurant.


Team from Exec Chef Ron Chew to their bartender at

Italian on Sixth Restaurant has prepared some GREAT

dishes and cocktails to pamper all our GREAT DADs. All

Great DADs will also be rewarded with a voucher

RM199.00 for a special treatment at SKIN 11.

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Restaurant : ITALIAN ON SIXTH (non-halal),

Location : LOT 6.12, Lvl 6, Pavilion KL, 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang.

Contact No : (Tel: 03-2144 2992) / (Fax: 03-2144 3992)

Business hours : 11.30am to 11.00pm, daily.

Promotions : Daily Executive Set Lunches Available

Capacity : 70 with a 10 seater VIP Dining Room

Major Credit Cards accepted

Thursday, June 18, 2009

[HomeMade] Peanut Cream Dessert

Ingredients: peanuts, lady’s choice peanut butter jam, pandan leaves, sugar and water.

IMG_1979 IMG_1981
Rinse it with water to clean it up and drain off . Prepare a stainless-steel pot for next step.

IMG_1982  IMG_1984
By using “dry-fry” method with low/medium-low heat, stir peanuts until you are able to smell the peanuts’ aroma from the frying pan. Even though the peanuts skin have changed to dark brown colour and you are yet to sense the aroma, it means that the peanuts is not ready yet. The “fry-dry” process normally takes 30-40 minutes. So, i would recommend you using low heat plus a little bit of patience.

IMG_1985 IMG_1986
After that, remove the peanuts’ skin and put it into the nano-grinder machine.

IMG_1987 IMG_1988
Before and after. *Taadaa*
after the grinding process, you will get the core material of the day, peanut cream.

IMG_1989 IMG_1991
Relocate the grinded peanut cream into a blender, add amount of water that fills up 50% volume of the blender. Next, add in 3 big spoon of lady’s choice peanut butter jam together with the 50% water+peanut cream and make it well-mixed in order to enrich its taste!
After that, REMEMBER to filter them TWICE and you will be getting a watery peanut cream liquid.

IMG_1992 IMG_1994
Pour the filtered peanut cream liquid into a non-stick pot and add in appropriate amount of sugar. Pandan leaves can be added in now.  

IMG_1995 IMG_1908

Slowly stir it with medium-low heat until it became viscous. And serve while it is still hot! =)

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Monday, June 15, 2009

[Preview] HomeMade Peanut Cream Dessert


Do you love Peanut Cream Dessert (花生糊) ?

Wonder how to make it by yourself?

Coming soon…


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hongkie @ Seremban Jusco

That was my first visit to Seremban Jusco!

IMG_1107 IMG_1108
I didn’t know Seremban was actually 45minutes from semenyih, almost the same distance with my house! We chose HongKie after the recommendation from my roomate. Since i am a newbie in seremban town, jus follow decision of the local!

IMG_1106 IMG_1105
- interior -

 IMG_1124 IMG_1121 
- Some drinks -

IMG_1126 IMG_1125 
Anthony with his fried noodles

Weird Taste and Smell = HongKie Soup

IMG_1135 IMG_1132
Megumi with her PRIZE!!! She and King was playing some sort of husband and wife game.. I wasn’t sure whether king really lost to her or… he was trying to ingratiate himself to her! hahaa

PRIZE giving ceremony. =.=

Fish Fillet Baked Rice rm12.95

IMG_1141 IMG_1139 
Chicken Fillet Baked Rice rm12.95

IMG_1140 IMG_1143
Tender Fillet Baked Rice rm11.95

IMG_1142 IMG_1139
Chicken Fillet Baked Rice rm12.95

IMG_1149 IMG_1146
Pork Fillet Baked Rice rm12.95

Yea, in case u still dunno how my room mate looks like. Here you go~
He, with his cute and handsome face, had successfully captured so many hearts outside!! (I1c38 Press, 2009)

IMG_1159 IMG_1154
well… i have no idea. Yea.. jus say “ they are cute” lol…

Wait wait, the most PRO-CAMWHOREr of the Year still belongs to……….


IMG_1161 IMG_1162

Andy Ko. *get ur hand together!!* *pak pak*


p/s: Hongkie is another Hong-Kong style restaurant after so many of them in town. I personally thought that if another hongkong restaurant planning to step in this market, and want to stand out from crowd; a new ,exciting and distinctive element must be brought to customer in order to let customer distinguish u from the rest of them!!! Or else, you will jus going to be the another ORDINARY Hong Kong restaurant. *boring!!!*

talk is easy.. practical is tough.  I wish i could step in a Hong Kong-style restaurant that would WOW my taste bud some other day!!