Monday, November 3, 2008

明记叉烧 @ Jalan Tong Shin


Today is Deepavali!! Mayb the moment u reading this entry, it is one week ago~ lols… anyway! Happy Deepavali to everyone!!

I bet most of u heard of Ah-Xian in Astro AEC. In one of those episode, he Highly recommended this restaurant to us! Inspired by him, thus i visited this restaurant today~
Following the map given by his website, we managed to find it easily. Traffic was super jam jus now!! =.=


When i reached there, *OMG! reli that nice mer??!!* SO MANY PEOPLE Q-ing there!!!!



After a 5 to 10 minutes wait, we manage to find a table which is jus right beside the counter. hmm… funny thing is, there are 2 counter  preparing Cha Siu, that 2 aunty keep on SCREAMING! as in they talk VERY LOUD! sth like: “TABLE ONE BILL, FASTER CLEAN THE TABLE!!, MARI SINI MARI SINI!!! ITU ANDKAT MALI ”  evione was laughing that time.. lols…


we were jus lucky to find a place! Other peoples like them… have to keep waiting outside the restaurant… U WONT BLIV UNTILL U SEE THE PHENOMENA URSELF!!



This is one of the aunty who kept screaming during my lunch =.= .. She jus turn back n ask us :" Cha Siu and Chicken ok?”  n a YES from us…
so easy!!!







  They will straight away serve u rice after u placed the order.


My brother felt that rice wasn’t that nice in terms of  quality. I deeply understand this because their business jus rocketed right after they came out in AEC.




Here comes the chicken. ERM….. edible. That’s what I can say…. SAD RIGHT? :: rm20!

DSC01965 CHA XIU!! HOHO! (i am still so happy b4 i ate )
hmm… one thing i wanna say is : always dun expect so much from anything! haha… it doesn’t really taste that PERFECT as ah-xian said. Undeniable, their pork is slightly softer than what i normally had, but it didn’t give me any good impact! SIGH, mayb i shouldn’t have expected that much! =( :: rm20 *wtf*
Averagely 10+ pieces in a plate.. so… rm2 per pieces??

DSC01966 i can confidently that my own-made cha xiu totally comparable !! haha…

p/s : i found this so called Cha xiu master is charging an inappropriate price. It is a little bit pricy already, do not giv any excuses like oil price gone up, inflation gone up and bla bla bla… that is because i knew the actual cost of making an cha siu. 6 of us, absolutely agree that we WONT come back next time.



  1. haha that ah xian guy must have received bribe from this char siew stall owner! ahahaha

  2. hahaha... dunno.
    simple food he jus said nice.. =.=

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