Monday, October 13, 2008

What's good at Dome's

A week before I left for UK, I had a makan-makan session with my brother. We were contemplating on whether to go for Japanese, Chinese or Western and in the end, we ended up at Queensbay Mall's Dome.

We reached Queensbay Mall at about near 8PM and we were ever so hungry, as usual! Haha.

Yours truly before cutting her hair almost 1/2 of the length shorter days before she went to UK

We were served with tap water water while waiting for our food

The interior design in Dome

I had caramel latte

My brother had Twister

For our starters, we ordered something quite big. Some big sandwich thingie with ham and cheese and wedges and with fuccacia bread

Then, both of us had Creamy Seafood Pasta each.

Can you believe it that I actually finished EVERYTHING! I finished 1/2 of the XL sandwich, seafood pasta and caramel latte. My brother was so full he couldn't finish the sandwich and his pasta bit.

At about 9-ish, we paid our bill (which was RM120+) and then chao-ed. It's just another night of din-din with my brother without our parents. Haha. Usually we go for food with only both of us when it comes to food that don't really like to eat. (eg- western & japanese)

PS : Other than those above, the beef pie is also very delicious! Ok, I'll blog about it next time!

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