Sunday, May 3, 2009

Luna Bar @ Pacific Regency,KL

Well, my housemate and friends been practicing on spontaneous outing! On 17th April which after their whatever test, we went over delicious again and Luna bar. I knew that my wallet is going to bleed.. to death that night!

  delicious   Luna bar 17 april
4 of us in the car
1. thanks to the driver, Mr. KOSY aka my room mate aka badminton pro aka fittest hunk. See, i nvr talk bad about you in my “aka” thingy!! lol
2.Thaya!! Mutton Curry!
3:King, the Lord!

   delicious   Luna bar 17 april1
1: Me self shot in delicious, again. ^^
2:oh ya, dickson did tell me, he felt that he looks weird in photo! what say u??
3: andy, cant u sit politely.. lol

The arrival of the second batch , the girls~

Few of us in front LUNA bar~  where was the others? 

   delicious   Luna bar 17 april2
1: dickson looking menu, a waitress been forcing him to order!! untill i pissed off..
2: dickson and andy
3: King and Thaya. Thaya looks so ambitious!
4:King is king.. nothing to say!

    delicious   Luna bar 17 april3
1: we were shocking by the price of the menu. Deciding either to open bottle or cocktail..
2: Belinda, i know i am abit attracting, but.. please dont! lolx
3:5 of us , i missing the first place we sat!!
4: hmm~
5: dickson, u look abit… FARNY!!!!!!!!!! ROFL

Do u know, what elements make a perfect photo?
Ans: A perfect guy and perfect background~ haha (no objection in ur heart!!)

  delicious   Luna bar 17 april4
1: well… a picture says a thousand words!! 
2,5:4 flowers!!
3: dickson, the evil. Pouring “western herbs tea” for us!
4: des:” do u think one bottle enuff?” dickson:"er.. i dont think so, coz i love drinking!!”

  delicious   Luna bar 17 april5
1: ahha, did u still remeber this? u lost to me!!! hooray!
2: his revenge!!
3:yea.. at last, he won~!

 delicious   Luna bar 17 april7
Frankly speaking, i heard Luna Bar from mable last year. Is one of her favourite spot..
yes, it is now my top-10 bar too! oh ya, Luna is a SMOKEs-FREE bar !!

We are on the top of the world!!! Their night scene was jus… so romantic!

  delicious   Luna bar 17 april6
1:hmm… some homosapiens from I1C38!!
2:I almost fall down!!
3: Do not misconstrue… i not reli so into pinching!! hahaa
4: yeah… another tweaking pic!
5:andy was..KO!! lol…

At the second floor of Luna, what a nice photo!! Thaya looks cool, King saw an aeroplane up there! Andy wanted to take second pic! Dickson… act cool! haha.. Veron and huiyen and friend, so lovely!

  delicious   Luna bar 17 april8
1: This place reminded me of something, anyone of u remember? some obscene thing.. lolx
2:KLCC is jus as tall as me!!!
3: dickson! photo spoiler!! lols….
4:andy was blurrrr
5: Luna’s pool side! is a nice place to have party!!!

p/s: this will be the last entry before my exam started! i have so much lecture yet to be covered!! I hope everything will jus fine!! Gambate!!


  1. lunar bar!!! i heard after 9pm then per person must pay rm50 for one drink isit? nice view!! hav u been to sky bar before?? it looks nice!

    btw, that "A perfect guy and perfect background~ haha (no objection in ur heart!!)" photo...

    awwwwwwww!!! *faints + nose bleeds* too yeng d! lol

  2. yeah!~! luna bar!!
    reli?? i dun rmb that lo.. we din pay for it ...

    haha... that photo yeng leh!!! ^^ did it kill u? lol..

  3. cuz i think last time my friends went they had to pay rm50 for entrance after 9 or 9.30pm..good then if no need to pay..hehe..

    did it kill me?? i'm already dead la!! lol...

  4. lol... tat place really nice!!!
    compared to zouk, maison, ruum jungle,thai club n those... so far. here the best.. lols