Saturday, April 25, 2009

[non-food-post] A Hiking Trip

On the 10th of April, we went for a hiking trip to Broga Hill!! That was my first time up there, even though i been studying here for almost 2 years!! haha..

We departed from Unimc at 5.40am. Our destination is jus 4 minutes from our campus!

IMG_0126 IMG_0127
PeiWen and friends

IMG_0128 IMG_0131
Our car! I was the camera man!!! :: so, my solo one!

Mun Sum and friends :: Saufi and friends

IMG_0133 IMG_0134
After a 45 minutes journey, we finally up there!! I was SO SWEAT!!! :: who was behind me??

IMG_0136 IMG_0138
THe first group up there!

IMG_0139 IMG_0140
She felt she was sexy.. (cd, no offence ya!) hahaha

Our first ever group photo up there!! *somebody was missing*

UFO!!!!!! *who was missing??*

Wah!! Whts over there??!! *answer me!! who was missing??*

IMG_0166Answer: FAVIAN!! he was doing some blow thing… *Oops*

IMG_0170 IMG_0177
That chinese word is more attractive!  (can you see a 2 ways road in the picture?) :: Aipeng and Eelyn

IMG_0172 IMG_0178
On a rock :: Casino on broga Hill!!

IMG_0179 IMG_0189
Miss Ailyn!!! :: Ailyn and Fatin

IMG_0181 IMG_0182
Ailyn and me :: Lydia, Ai lyn, pei wern and me

An artistic photo taken by me! hahaa


IMG_0192 IMG_0193
PRO-photographer with her Nikon D-80 *jealous* :: 3 flowers!

IMG_0194 IMG_0195
we were discussing what pose is the best.. :: what about YMCA?? Demo!!

Yeah, the final outcome!! WHY AM SEE A!!!

Group Photo on the other peak!!!

IMG_0198 IMG_0201
Peiwern tickling me!!!

Can u see a bunch of MALAYSIAN NEXT TOP MODELS??!! *especially the blue strip guy* ^^

IMG_0203 IMG_0204
Some future models!!

IMG_0210 IMG_0212
Wah… this one… American Nex Top... Monkeys! :: His head abit itchy!

IMG_0209 IMG_0211

-close up-

IMG_0215 IMG_0216
I love this!!! BUSHES!!

IMG_0220 IMG_0221
Acting cute!!!

So.. YENG!! hahahaa

IMG_0230 IMG_0231

IMG_0234 IMG_0240
Superman Whayshaun!!!

IMG_0244 IMG_0249
On the third peak of broga hills!! :: yea… U give me an adjective to describe this photo! 

IMG_0256 IMG_0254
Taken from the second peak of Broga Hill

IMG_0268 IMG_0275
Couple?! :: Isma asking someboday to stand there..

IMG_0289 IMG_0290

IMG_0301 IMG_0303

IMG_0306 IMG_0308

IMG_0312 IMG_0313

IMG_0317 IMG_0319 IMG_0335 IMG_0336
Wah.. CHINESE KUNG FU??!! :: Ailyn…. u flying ar??

IMG_0341 IMG_0342
Not really can see Hakim leh! :: 1…2…3… GO!!!IMG_0348

We been photo shooting our self up there for 2.5 hours!! we took another 30 minutes back to our car!! and we end up in Restoran Ibrahim Maju for our breakfast!! *hungry*


  1. i'm so gonna kill u jerk! who was doing his blow job!!!

  2. hahaha... do u know that guy?? lols

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