Friday, February 27, 2009

C-Jade Express @ MV


After watching a sickening movie “Eden Lake”, 4 of us (me, favian, chern ta, whay shaun) went into C-Jade Express for our dinner. Whay shaun told us C-Jade express in SG has a incredibly nice porridge, which the taste and smells has already engraved in his memory since then..


Initially, we headed over to Garden’s C-Jade (their flagship restaurant) to try, didn’t know that they only serve porridge as breakfast. The manager advised us to look for their “express” restaurant in MV Ground Floor. Promotion is going on now! If you order their value set, it costs you rm18.80 which including a choice of “Preserved Egg & Salted Egg Yolk Congee” , “Preserved Egg & Minced Meat Congee” or “Chicken Congee” served in claypot and G-Cheong-Fun with a dessert; or ala-cart for rm11.80.

Preserved Egg & Salted Egg Yolk Congee rm11.80

WanTan Noodles rm9.50

Chern Ta!! Do you still remember this noodles you ordered?? I was shocked by its portion and lagi shock by the price!!! The portion is very small!!! i think chern ta would even need 2 or 3 sets to be full with hunger satisfied!

P/S: Smiling doesn’t mean i am happy or satisfied ya~ Jus for the sake of smiling..

This restaurant is still yet to be rated because i dint dine in there that day, we, together went over to Manhattan Fish Market for Fish chips after C-Jade.. and… Chern ta had his second round there!!!

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