Sunday, March 30, 2008

Manhatten fish and Golden Cakes

yesterday, on the way back to my house, i stopped by a fish market. Manhattan Fish Market (MFM) was a nice place! when i saw the menu.. omg.. i felt like telling the waiter : " I want everything on the menu please! ". But it was impossible, i think i ll need to wash plate for them bcoz i would not have enuff money to pay them! lol...

i ordered a English Breakfast Tea and a Manhattan Fish & Chips!

well, i think some of u might wonder why would i order English Breakfast tea for dinner? ; no other reason, jus because it was the cheapest drinks on the menu! lol...

i think another "best reason" for me to explain would be: " erm, i went there for food oni ma! not for the drinks also! cheh! " lol... so thick face!

Actually i wasnt in good mood yesterday and i din mean to oder! yanz order the fish & chips at first.

when it was ready, "wow" from my heart! of coz i dint shout out la... if not people ll think i m orang asli! lol... the moment he eating.. all crunchy sounds went into my ears! omg... i cant tahan anymore!

somemore he kept telling me: "wei, very nice lo! "
finally, i surrendered... the next second : " excuse me, another set of fish & chips !! " lol...
it proven, any bad mood also couldnt affect me from trying nice food! lol....
after a loooong wait for 15 minutes~ wohoho... my turn to make those crunchy sound! lol..

before we left MFM, we received this piece of paper~~ lol...
overall, the dinner was satisfying!

Price: rm14.90/chips and rm4.9/tea

After fish market, on the way back to my house. I pass by SS2, oh ya. i asked my mom: want pandan cakes ma? lol...

I miss this cake house so much. I only buy pandan layer cake from them. I nvr tried other cakes, so not appropriate for me to make any comment on other cakes. But their pandan layer cake is nice!!

somtimes, nice food not really depend on the renovation of the shops. or else u ll end up paying for their nice renocation n a crappy food! here is somehow a big contrast! lol...

their Yam-layer cake also recommended!!

Price: rm37/kg

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Black Canyon Restaurant >Editor Choice of March<

firstly, i would like to recommend this restaurant to u all!! lol...

today i had my lunch at centrePoint BU again... lol...we were looking for some nice spot to eat...
initially i wanted to try long-dik-chuen-yan (in cantonese speaking). But my bro said it was not that worth to try! lol....

suddenly v found Black Canyon, lol... dunno y we would agreed to eat there! haha... mayb fate... come, let see~

i ordered a dinner set for my lunch... lol... but it was satisfying!!
the set came with a tomyam soup! this Tomyam was "Thai" enuff if compared with that thai sizziling @ Station Kopitiam.

This was the main course followed by the soup~~ the combination of steam rice, grilled chicken and some fresh cooked vege!! ICIBAN!!!! hahah....

i like this sambal!!! made me sweat alot! haha

Price: rm12.95/set

My brother ordered this fettucine. it was nice also! lol...

Price: rm9.95++/set

USA Fried Rice!

the setting was quite funny! hahah... Indian's Nasi Goreng USA totally different from this one! hahah... yanz said the rice was a bit sweet... mayb US people doesnt like spict! haha..

Price: rm12.95/set

In conclusion, this is so far a " must try" restaurant! haha... i suggest u to try their tomyam. i think better than secret recepi TomYamKung!! =)

Station Kopitiam 'n BU6 AsamLaksa

Yesterday after futsal, we were discussing where to settle our dinner... after 10+ minutes debating... we agreed to go KimGary at Sri hartamas. ( nor... that WongZongZak one... know ? ) lol..

that time was raining, and 10 of us in 3 cars, we parked at different carpark. 3 of us were the earliest, but... dunno why KimGary was so pack that time!! lol...

that waitress said have to wait quite a long time, and we were somehow hungry d..
Opposite kimgary was Station Kopitiam, and we saw that 50% discount on the banner!! so we walked

mana tahu, 5 minutes after that, our fren called us..: " wei, where are you?? KimGary got place d ! " ... gosh.. we were....: " how now?? v sat down d wor.. so paiseh if walk out now.."

so we decided to eat in Station Kopitiam! lol... although some of them look dissapointed... but... try some new thing lo!!
let see what v ordered~

Omelet Fried Rice

the portion was so BIG.. bliv me! lol... first time i heard my fren said it was enuff for him... he usually ask for more after futsal! lol...

Price: rm7.90++

comment: according to miwang, it was ok ok~~ lol... and it was worth!!

Pattaya Fried Rice

eh.. macha @ nottingham, please have a look on this... people's pattaya looks so gud! LOL....

Price: rm 5.90++

Thai Sotong

wow... this one was really NICE!! lol... i think the sambal sauce made it taste gud!! haha...

but really nice!

Price: rm7.90++

Thai Sizziling Seafood

well... this was what i ordered that time! i felt dissapointing when i try the first taste...

it was... erm.... dunno.... not THAI enuff!! hahaa...

Price: rm9.90++

Curry Rice

i wasnt so sure bout the name... lol.. forgot jo!

Price: rm6.90++

BU6 Asam-Laksa

i feel so happy coz finally i tried something i been craving for so long!! lol...

my fren's mom is a vegePro !! Coz i rarely eat vegetarian food, so i wanted to try it long long time ago!! hahaa... same day morning, i visited his house and his mom cooked me vege-AsamLaksa! that was the first time i tried leh!!!

let me say something, if anyone of u had tried asam-laksa, u knew that it made up by fish soup right? but samething in the vege one. i felt like i was eating fish!!! amazing!

Thanks ya!!

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Friday, March 21, 2008

loh~~~~MEE !!!

lo-mee... is one of hokkien traditional food! lol...

i think most of u shud have tried it b4!! =)

but, for me... home-made lo-mee is always the best!!! =)
below are some of the photos... =)

difficulties : *** (3/5 stars)
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The Straits cafe

i had dinner with my fren at centerPoint bandar utama yesterday evening. We ramdomly chose a place to eat... since we nvr meant to hav a fine-dining there. So.. v chose Straits Cafe.

well, jus to inform u, Straits Cafe is nothing to do with Straits Times newspaper, not a subsidiary of it... well...
i ordered a Straits Ais-Kacang and a Mee-Siam. My fren, yanz ordered Ais-kacang and Straits Harr-mee.

that was Straits Ais-kacang i order that day, i dun like sweet corn and red beans, so it dint look attractive at all.. haha... not that colourfull anymore lo!!
Price: rm5++

this was the actual Straits ice-kacang. it look nicer here! lol...
Price: rm5++
this mee Siam, erm.. the setting was still ok. Taste was ok...
but i like the belacan chili... lol... it taste so good!!
so i ll rate this mee siam : okok only...
Price : rm7.90++
comment: it din match the quality-cost principle, coz it cost rm7.90... it totally not worth!! i can get it from the pisang goreng aunty near my house. only rm1 per packet!!

Straits Prawn-mee. it looks gud.. lol.... but my fren said it was jus normal.... personally still prefer chinaman-made Harr-Mee!! for me, Malay-made harr me more ajinomoto tastethen prawn taste.. lol... what u think? lol
Price: rm8.90++

Cash Bill from straits cafe... lol...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

ChicKy Shrimp

Hi evione, looong time no see. Long time never update my blog d... coz i got no time.. lol...
well, lets start.

i think most of us know soya sauce.. if u dunno what is soya-sauce.. *$**&%$$#$... lol... get what i mean?? haha...
today i wanna intro 2 dishes that are mainly soya-based dish. It is somehow easy... and u ll eat xtra rice with them!! lol...

Si-Zap-Ha (SOYA-based-SHRIMP)

SiZapHa in cantonese means soya juice i jus made a direct translation... i got no idea what name can it be.. lol... u may suggest it to me!

This dish can be very exclusive, can jus simple family dinner; all and all, it just depend on how big the shrimp u chose! normally people ll buy ming-ha( one type of prawn) becoz the cost is jus affordable; but if u chose to buy tiger prawn, it will definitely nicer. lol...

But, dun think bigger = nicer! jus agak-agak la man.... lol... well, dun think that lobster is suitable for this dish, u ll jus end up wasting the lobster!! haha...

if u insist to used lobster, i can only say: " u are rich... dun show-off here ok? "

i am sure that u ll add xtra rice with this!

jus try~~

difficulties : ** ( 2 stars)
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this is another substitution if u dun like shrimp, or allergy to shrimp~

what u need to prepare is jus some chicken, i ll suggest drumstick or wing, and some mok-yi in cantonese... lol.. paiseh, cant find eng for that...

difficulties : ** ( 2 stars)

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

KakiCorner ^ eelyn's bday!

Last thursday we went kakiCorner to celebrate eelyn's belated birthday~ that area is jus surrounded by 3 or 4 steaks house! lol...

some more that day i saw the one bside kakiCorner was doin promotion which was 15% discount on thursday~ lol... y thursday?? ladies night?? lol...
one thing i regretted... coz forgot to snapshot my main dish.. i realised when i almost finish.. haha...
i ordered a giant carrot juice, a mixed sausages, sizziling lamb chop, thailand seafood fried rice~ woo... quite full! lol...

escargot in KakiCorner... well... it was....a..... lol... get what i mean???
i ll suggest u spend more in Ship Steakhouse or any other places if u love this food... i think there is better~ =)

well... okok oni... lol...

this mixed sausage considered not bad... at least match with its name... up t0 4 different tastes in a plate of sausage..

mixed sausage

Our Birthday gurL~!!

Happy Birthday eElyn!!!

All and all, KakiCorner is an affordable place for dining. If you are the one who is concerned about money spending on food, KakiCorner can be considered. Besides that, there are few more choices in that area.
Location: Cheras Taman Billion, jus beside the banglo housing area.

But i would like to advice u , do not demand too high on the quality or services provided by them ok?? or else... jus go Starhill Jake's steakhouse ok?? you n your dear will be King & Queen over there...!! lol...

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

CQYD generation!

well, when i was kid, what i could cook when i hungry was only maggie mee, maggie mee and maggie mee~ lol..

thats because it was the easiest thing to cook!! 2 minutes to get things done! lolzz.. and all about brand loyalty and their marketing strategy!! ahha...

Nissin Noodles or CQYD in chinese, is a strong substitution of maggie mee! seriously, the quality, quantity, taste, smell is alot more nicer than maggie mee! at least.. you will not be eating the same shit evitime u feel hungry!! lol...

jus one thing u have to consider about, the price is 2x of the maggie mee. but u see, do u willing to pay 2x of the price by getitng 10x of satisfaction? lol...

TRY it~~

u can enjoy eating instant noodle from now onwards!!

it doesnt looks like instant noodles right?? lol.. believe it!

difficulties : * ( 1 star)

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

technical problem occurred

due to some technical problem, i din manage to update my blog since last week. i ll try my best to figure out those problem n update my blog ASAP.
i got alot food to intro u all!!
jus b patient!~ ^^

best regards,
desmond a.k.a hasegawa