Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Supper at Greenhouse

On day 2 when Chern Ta & Graeme's in Penang, we went to Greenhouse for SUPPER! When Li Ching's in Penang last year December, we went to Greenhouse for supper too! I introduced raw fish to Li Ching, Chen-Xing, Chern Ta & Graeme it seems. Hahaha.

No, the auntie is not the spokesperson/model for the Yee Sang Kai Chok stall. haha

This was what we had - Loh Mee, Hokkien Mee & Raw fish

Hokkien Mee

Loh Mee

Raw Fish


The hokkien mee taste is different now. It's not that nice like last time anymore. But the loh mee is still not bad... The best is - raw fish! The raw fish is marinated and served RAW! The best thing is.. it doesn't have the raw smell or taste at all! It's a very special chinese dish! Where to order this dish in Greenhouse? You see the Yee Sang Kai Chok stall picture above? That's the stall to order! =)

Oh we are great eaters! You know why??? That's cause we had supper AFTER dinner! Our dinner was belanja-ed by my family; like a "Welcome to Penang and Hello Rachael's friends". We had... 9-10 dishes which UNFORTUNATELY we forgot to take pictures of it! :( *boo hoo hoo* We went to somewhere at the end of Batu Feringgi and ate... deep fried squid rings, lobster cheese thermidor, steamed prawn in some style, normal style fried brocolli, fried tin kai with dried chilli and some sauce, fried crabs in some special style with duck eggs, steamed fish in Teochew style, another type of prawn which I forgot what type it is already, and a few other dishes, which I FORGOT! HELP CHERN TA! GRAEME!
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  1. cant recall much...i think the tin kai ('frog meat') is kong we have two types of prawn? i tot theres only one...izzit the one steamed with egg white and chinese wine?