Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ice cream - Take 2

Well, i think everyone of you still remember my first attempt in making ice cream. It was a total failure! lols…AGAIN, I went to bakery shop and i got this 3 ingredient. Dutch Lady Milk, Flavor Right Whipping Cream and Ice cream powder.

I was told that double cream is actually whipping cream!! DSC02600

Mix and stir everything and fridge it for 30 minutes in order to get better outcome.

Pour the mixture into the machine with paddle running
[review: other than the double cream matter, i made a mistake in my first attempt, i didn’t put the freezer bowl in the frozen cell)

Allow to freeze until the desires consistency is achieved!

Continuously stir until it becomes viscous

Pour it out and store it into freezer 


Yeap!!!!! I MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vanilla Ice Cream!!

Thought: hmm, total cost was rm20 in a single attempt. Yea, you will think that it is not worth at all, rather buy Wall’s Brand at rm6.50! lols… it is so different, perhaps self satisfaction comes into place? haha.. it differs by individual! For me, it is worth! =) Maybe u can construct your thinking in more convincing or extreme way, BUY baby from other people or your own baby? Think about it! =)