Saturday, November 27, 2010

CDLC, Barcelona

On our 2nd last night in Barcelona, we went to CDLC, which was in Port Olympic. CDLC is a lounge club restaurant. More info here, CDLC website. Before that, we were actually out shopping.  :)

We were very famished by 5.30PM, and we walked around at the beach, and then settled for dinner at 6-ish.

Here are some pictures of the beach:

The restaurant that we settled for:

 Assorted bread with garlic butter cream

This costs €48.00, consists of vietnamese spring rolls, chicken skewers, sauces, assorted sushi

Sangria, which costs about €30

Plato principal (main course):
Elwin's kobe beef burger with fries. I think it costs about €40+

Sara's chicken tikka masala, €35

My seafood fried rice, costs about €35

Yit Ling's pad thai, costs about €35 too.

The night view of the restaurant:

Some pictures of us for this Barcelona trip:
Yit Ling & I

 House picture

And around Port Olympic:

Many thanks to Elwin, for the flowers :)

Overall Experience (High indicators means satisfactory and vice versa):
Food 3.5/5
Atmosphere & Setting 5/5
Price 2/5 
Service 4/5

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