Monday, October 20, 2008

With love, food in York

1 : Wow! RACHAEL! You went to the market? As in Pasar? "Ban San"? OMG!!! Unbelievable!!!

2 : What exactly are you doing there? Buy fish ah? Chicken? Pork? Lamb? Beef?

3 : OMG! U COOKING??? *runs and hides*

Haha. Alright. I shall not dilly-dally any longer. What happened was... I went to York last Saturday, and my friends & I practically walked and covered 4.5/5 of York in a day. To read more about the trip, click on. (non-related food posts of my trip to York and Cambridge)

Newgate Market is located at Parliament Street, which also is just next to Market Street. What Newgate Market offer is something like what you see at The Curve's Sunday Market plus Marche together. There's quite a lot of things sold in Newgate Market and food.

As I walked along the street, I was eye-catched by....

Salami, anyone?
At 1 point, the salamis really looked like big big earthworms to me.

Homemade, from Germany!

Dutch Pancakes :

Cute mini pancakes with all sorts of toppings & flavours.

Or do you fancy something Oriental, like....

WOW! "Hak Sei Yan Meh?" (scare people to death meh?) the size of the wok!
It's a big wok with Oriental noodles in it.

Does it look enough oriental to you?

If you are a fan of Mushrooms and Garlic...

Looks like curry right?


Spices of all sorts!

Colourful flowers

Oh! If you do have any time to spare in York, remember do go to this place for a drink. It's apparently the most famous tea place in York, and you do have to queue a little while before you finally have a table.

Since 1919

A closer look at it.

Me & some of my korean friends and a Hong Kongese friend had our light lunch in Starbucks. Actually, we just need a place to sit in, and there's not much choices for us - so that's why Starbucks and Betty's have a long queue, so we forgo that one.


I'm not sure whether they have this flavour in Malaysia or not, it's Skinny Peach and Raspberry muffin. Costs GBP1.70.

And I also had a cafe latte, tall, GBP1.05.

Interior inside Starbucks...

The outside view

So do remember, next time when you're in York, pay Newgate Market a visit and perhaps you can fill your tummy with happiness and probably find something interesting there!

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