Sunday, October 26, 2008

UNIMC new food caterer 1

Since the early october, our skol employed a NEW food caterer to cater our food. They are temporarily doin their business at SA first floor due to some agreement problem from the previous caterer Hartawan Dunia Sdn. Bhd. Rumours said that hartawan is moving to their new place, MMU-Multimedia University!!! HOHO.. MMUian, i wish u all luck ya!

Basically, this whole new caterer is from the management of the Cat's Eye Restaurant in TTS. Well, i personally feel that, their workers are much more friendlier compared to the macha downstairs. Especially their makcik boss, reli friendly.


Basically they are serving breakfast, lunch, 3pm tea time and dinner. OH, i still remember, that Hartawan Dunia, they din serve food from 2:30 to 5:30pm. WTH?? what if i feeling hungry that time??


Their breakfast, typical malaysian style, nasi lemak with come chicken curry, malay fried rice, fried mee( oriental noodles in UK) and some malay kuih. B4 this... was only some chip-plak fried rice, super-duper oily mihun and freaking expensive hotdog =.=

well, during lunch time, they will serve a larger variety of foods! and they starting their lunch at 11am. Normally u woont be able to see the full range food if u come here around 1230 or 1pm. Haha... u see, i took this photo at 12.15.. their ayam goreng almost finish!!

BTW, from information i gathered, their price is abit pricy.... YA I ADMIT IT!! when i first visit to them, i took a piece of chicken, 2 fried eggs, and some vege. It costs me rm6.

But i think it is fair enuff, cause nowadays, ayam goreng from kl is selling at a price of rm3.5 per pieces, and fried egg is around rm 1-rm1.5 and vege is rm1-rm1.5.... so... JUS AVOID MEAT if u wan a lower price. I kinda agree with this, so sometimes i ll jus chose some taufu, 2 eggs and a vege, it cost me rm4 but it is filling too!!

During dinner time, they not goin to serve so many choices as lunch, simply because not many human live on-campus. People like liching, farrah, aaron, ailyn, aipeng, evon, eelyn, yanz, weiling, suwen will go back their house in tts , cheras or sg long and etc!!! somemore post-sa-food-lover rachael is now 10000km from us, plus me, jon, zd ordering 4 bucks for dinner... so... no point they cook so much right?? ^^

OH RACHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!! ur turn to *drooling* ?? hahahaa.... i m sure u MISSING msia FOOD!!!

P/S: This moment, our university food no longer MONOPOLIZING under one management already. Admin Block is currently managing by a group of indian. Erm, some fellows told me they are from STEVEN"S CORNER ! OMG... haha... hope it is true and they are doin 24hrs in our skol! ^^ will update u guys when all the management started their business!


  1. cool!! the food looks wayyy appetizing! steven corner really?? u mean the current one? or coming soon gonna be operated by steven corner??

  2. yes they are!!! thats why more n more ppl eating in sa..
    erm... heard from other people also!!...
    i think the mamak behind sa will incharged by them... HOPEFULLY

  3. omgness! i miss the curry kapitan chicken , n all that...
    even though im not a kuih lover, i'm interested in the kuihs that im looking at now!!! hahahaha AND POPIAH!!!
    and yes u are making me drool... haha btw i just ordered food delivery.. chinese food

  4. hahaha... their food reli better !!!!
    hmm... what chinese food u ordering?? sweet sour pork??

  5. haha i ordered roasted pork + mixed vegetables + egg fried rice.

  6. wow... sounds not bad!!!! lols... OMG rl, u eating in the middle of night!! hahaa...

  7. oh for this sunday and monday..which is a public holiday..they're gonna serve western foood. pasta, spaghetti and all...but still, they serve some fried rice and stuff...
    oh well, you know...the price you pay for spaghetti...

  8. oh reli?? pasta?? sound so nice! haha... what "the price you pay for spaghetti..." ??