Monday, June 16, 2008

Mee Goreng CRC

Mee Goreng CRC is 1 of the most established mee gorengs in Penang. Last time, this mee goreng CRC is located in CRC (Chinese Recreation Club), however, they moved out years after being very famous. They moved to a corver house coffee shop located just beside Dorsett Hotel(last time twas Sheraton), opposite the KFC mansion, or behind Giant Supermarket near Swatow Lane.

It is still known as mee goreng CRC after more than 10 years. RM4.00 for a plate of mee goreng now compared to 2 weeks ago, RM3.50. They serve : Mee goreng, mee basah : either chicken or mutton. Every plate has cuttlefish, sotong too. YUM YUM!

Mee Basah CRC

To enhance your taste of food, press some lime on your mee goreng or mee basah and add those green chilli

Mee Goreng CRC

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