Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The making of Dumpling~

5th of May in Chinese Calender is known as Dragon Boat Festival. My mom and i made some dumpling for ourself and relatives~

Hmm, one thing, i would like to say is... Home made dumpling is much more nicer than those i bought in pasar malam...and u know la.. our gov has just increased the oil price, and inflation in flying colours~ so... better save $$~ DIY la!
here i ll let u know the actual process of making dumpling~

First of all, u will have to prepare some basic material:

Brown cotyledons, simmer in hot water and get it immersed in water for one night.

Brown cotyledons

You can easily get this glutinous rice from any grocery store, those i bought was 60% glutinous rice mixed with 40% normal rice~

Glutinous rice
Immersed in water for 30 minutes in order to make it easier to cook~

After that u will have to fried it with appropriate seasoning

There are 5 more ingredients u will need in a dumpling which are dried shrimp, boiled chest nut, pork, seasoned duck egg, and mushroom.

Below is the process of dumpling making~ (starring: hase's mom's hand)

hahaha... u think it was easy?? lol... i tell u... u are wrong!!! lol... in my family, only my mom managed to wrap it nicely!

after that, boiled it in a hot pot with 100'c for 2.5 hours!

*so nice*

hahaha... my special one.. it is bigger than the normal one! ahhaa...

do u realise that in the middle of the photo, another giant dumpling from me~!! haha... i learn from newspaper, Pillow Dumpling!!!

the size is 4x bigger than the normal one~ can say 4 in 1! haha...

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