Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shin Ramyun

Shin Ramyun was my dinner yesterday, erm.. this noodle is common enuff for malaysian! lol... jus tell me if u totally dint know about this noodle.. i will show u my surprise look!! hahaa...
well, based on my own opinion, i found out they have improved their recepi.. coz, when i was in primary skol, i used to cook it for approx. 15 minutes to make it soft.. but now... jus like simple maggie mee...2 minutes gao dim!! they removed the uniqueness of this mee!

first of all, boil some water and put in the spice and dried vege , then noodle.

next, add an egg... it was as easy as abc.. lol...

when i almost done, cover it!! then u ll see the different on the size of the noodle.. lol..

it ll increase the size of the noodle for 5 - 10% !

enjoy ur meal!!! kamsahamida~


  1. woooooo~~~.... my saliva keluar liao neh.... de mee look so ho liao~~~ bt de taste ok mou ?..
    cuz ar..every mee look delicious bt wen eat ar..ermmm cha a bit de...

  2. 15 minute - 2 minute ? ..
    wooO~ really de ma...?
    nt bad wo..i can try it..liao.
    if add some chicken or hotdog or ham ..will be more ho liao yea..dis mee..^^..haha

  3. hahha... this one different der! u try liao oni tell me ba!