Saturday, April 12, 2008

Macao 'n fairtrade coffee

Made in Macau

Long time no c again! coz the past 2 weeks i been busying on my assgS and presentation. I feel that i have to upload sth, although 5 assgsS dueing nex week and monday i goin to hav a presentation on alcohol!

I got this biscuit from jon, his mom bought them froom macau and he shared with me! lol.. thanks!

That red packet was almond and green one was sesame peanut flavour! lol...

i personally prefer that sesame 花生糖 !

if u really wanna try, u may get it from the address below! =) i think not yet available for sell in msia... but " EveryOne Can Fly" book ticket from AirAsia! and get it!!

More than just a coffee

well, if u are studying same course with me, u shud know what coffee i was holding! lol...

That one was Nescafe Partners' Blend which is Fairtrade Certified. One thing, u wont be able to get it in msia!haha..

u can get it frm uk, it will cost u around 2.36 sterling pounds per 100 grams. (well, exclude return tickets , airport tax, fuel surcharge) ! haha..

what so special bout fairtrade??

well, we as a marketing team for the Nestle Nescafe Partners' Blend, are planning to bring in this product to msia. thus, we prepared flyers, samples to promote our product.

1000% handmade by our presentation team!

Sample during promotion
" Just a Team" marketing group! tq!
( left to right: daniel, ms wendy, ainaa, peiwern, desmond n jon )
If Nestle wanna buy ideas from us, price is negotiable!! haha...( dreaming...)
p/s: i would like to clarify that, this coffee is jus a SAMPLE for our management presentation.
Not to be sold to anyone, and no any commercial purposes!

email enquiry :

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