Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dinner with Rachael and Sara; Amarin @ MV

Wohoho! what a long big time delayed of this entry!! haha

Ling Yok, Suwen have updated this entry in their blogs too! For further details, you can refer to their blog~ =)

Before departure, we were deciding the allocation of seats for 12 people in 2 cars! lol. Thanks Graeme for the ride!!

DSC03787 DSC03788

DSC03790 DSC03792

According to Chern Ta, they had Thai food TOO on their farewell dinner years ago. what a COINCIDENCE?? haha.. i think they just love Thai food very much!!

Chern ta din know i was actually taking his photo :: Rachael and Sara deciding whether to order 5 or 6 dishes. lol (*crap*)

WHOAA!!! The Big Family!! hahah

DSC03798 DSC03799
Hmm… Yea yea!! WHo are u??? Sara: ISHHHHH :: RL: bluek~ =P

DSC03800 DSC03801
Wah… SERIOUSLY..everyone reading menu

DSC03805 DSC03806
RL pose!!! B4 she came back, we only can see her model-liked-pose thru susu blog (Now has upgraded to PRIVATE BLOG). FINALLY… SHE IS BACK!! hahaa ^^

Cam Whore while waiting the food~

DSC03807 DSC03808

DSC03809 DSC03811

DSC03813 DSC03815

DSC03814 DSC03816

DSC03817 DSC03818
ARGH!!! where is desmond??!!! (i think it would be nicer if i were in this pic!!) RIGHT??!! haha

DSC03821 DSC03823

DSC03824 DSC03825

DSC02575 DSC02578

Some foods we ordered::

DSC03826 DSC03827
Meng Kiam

DSC02579 DSC02580
Thick Tomyam rm10.90 :: Light Tomyam rm10.90

DSC03838 Thick Tomyam (for 2-3 person) rm39.90


Pineapple Fried Rice rm19

 DSC03842 DSC03843

DSC03845 DSC03847
Loo wern :: Ly

Fried mee rm19 :: Green Chicken Curry rm16

 DSC02588 DSC03854

Phad Thai Noodles rm16

DSC03855 DSC03856
-Close up-

Some Shots from Rachael!

DSC03848 DSC03849

DSC03851 DSC03852

   DSC03846 DSC03835

DSC02587 DSC02589

desert rm8

P/S: Thanks LY for supplying part of the photos here!! ^^

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  1. I want all the food!

    Sinfully mouthwatering!