Sunday, June 1, 2008

Gombak fried banmee

well, now i am enjoying my 4 months summer break.. well, i jus feel that this holiday a bit too long d, more n more spider net on my body~ sien! although this is jus the 1/16 weeks... omg!!

well, i goin to intro u all this food, gombak fried ban mee! lol... i am sure that some of u are confused now..

(ah beng: eh foodiehase, u think we dunno what us ban mee ar? dun tipu us eh!! ...what the xxxx ban mee is this!)

basically i also dint know where this name came from~ jus all my families members calling this way since last century~
Erm.... it doesnt really looks like a mee rite? haha... but it is very delicious!!!! normally 1 piece wont be enuff for me, at least 3~ lol..

first of all, u ll have to get some flour, shallots, peeled shrimps, sliced red chillis and some pepper powder. All together mixing with water.

ready some oil in ur frying pan pour in appropriate portion and smoothing to a bigger surface.

and fried it to gold-brown colour~ DONE

enjoy ya~!!!
walao... u see... so easy!!!! hahaa...

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