Wednesday, March 5, 2008

KakiCorner ^ eelyn's bday!

Last thursday we went kakiCorner to celebrate eelyn's belated birthday~ that area is jus surrounded by 3 or 4 steaks house! lol...

some more that day i saw the one bside kakiCorner was doin promotion which was 15% discount on thursday~ lol... y thursday?? ladies night?? lol...
one thing i regretted... coz forgot to snapshot my main dish.. i realised when i almost finish.. haha...
i ordered a giant carrot juice, a mixed sausages, sizziling lamb chop, thailand seafood fried rice~ woo... quite full! lol...

escargot in KakiCorner... well... it was....a..... lol... get what i mean???
i ll suggest u spend more in Ship Steakhouse or any other places if u love this food... i think there is better~ =)

well... okok oni... lol...

this mixed sausage considered not bad... at least match with its name... up t0 4 different tastes in a plate of sausage..

mixed sausage

Our Birthday gurL~!!

Happy Birthday eElyn!!!

All and all, KakiCorner is an affordable place for dining. If you are the one who is concerned about money spending on food, KakiCorner can be considered. Besides that, there are few more choices in that area.
Location: Cheras Taman Billion, jus beside the banglo housing area.

But i would like to advice u , do not demand too high on the quality or services provided by them ok?? or else... jus go Starhill Jake's steakhouse ok?? you n your dear will be King & Queen over there...!! lol...

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