Monday, June 2, 2008

Late night supper @ Kimberley Street

If you happen to be hungry at night... and crave for dinner or supper... You can always go to Kimberley Street in Penang. Kimberley Street is located near Penang Road. (It's 1 of the turnings of Penang Road).

What food do they offer @ Kimberley Street? Ooh.. plenty! There are a few coffee shops and some stalls along the roadside. What I'm going to introduce you all right now is food not from any coffee shops, but food from the roadside! Roadside food = delicious = ala Penang! Hahaha. It's weird though, to see that roadside food offers the best taste most of the time!

The Koay Chiap stall

This time, for supper, the 3 of us again (me, Chern Ta & Graeme) had Koay Chiap & thong shui for dessert. Straight after dinner, we weent to Chen-Xing's house to pay her a surprise visit and then off we go for supper! Muahahahhaa. The place where we had our koay chiap - we sat outside some shops that are closed at night and with a dark and hot atmosphere and yet packed with people! =)

The big bowl of Koay Chiap

The thong shui stall (it's located right opposite the Koay Chiap stall)

Me & Chern Ta with our dessert

Graeme & his red bean soup

The Koay Chiap consists of meat like - plentiful of pork & duck & a whole boiled egg! The taste.. the soup is cooked with black soya sauce & some herbs. The noodles is not ordinary noodles; its rolled small pieces of flat thin noodles , not the long long ones. It's only RM4.00 for a big bowl!
For thong shui, Chern Ta & I had "geng geng mix with ginko" - RM2.00 whereas Graeme had red bean soup for only RM1.00! The read bean soup is cooked in another style - its not the sticky sticky type with santan, but rather the other type, the watery one.

P.S : Do you know, the stalls have been there for 10 years ++! I remember my parents always ta pau supper - koay chiap or thong shui there when I'm as young as about 6-7 years old! The koay chiap & thong shui must really be something; if not it wouldn't last that long yea?

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