Thursday, January 31, 2008

gombak mixRice

Today's foodie special is " gombak mixRice ".

during my previous birthday, i had a lunch in a korean restaurant and my friend ordered "korean mixRice". According to them, korean mixRice is the combination of all leftover food in their previous dinner. Well, my mixrice for sure is 100% fresh~ haha..

i dont have any idea about what name shud be given to this mixrice, fine... i from srigombak, so... jus "Gombak mixRice" will do~! =)

well, foodie objectives is about how to use the simplest material and make a delicious food!!

so, the material is quite simple. u have to prepare some long beans,,some dried shrimps and some meats. i chose some pork. wanna keep fit? any lean meat will do~

about those dried shrimps, u have to chop it to little pieces in order to taste better.

first, pour some oil into a pot and pork have to be cooked untill little brownish.

secondly, add all long bean and driend shrimps with pork together.

thirdly, add some black soya sauce to colour it~


after that, move all the rice into ur electric rice cooker and cook it~~

add water -->

after 30 minutes...DONE

difficulties: *** (3 stars)


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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


i din update my foodie for few days bcoz i was super busy on other things~ haha...

i jus came back from timesquare with my new haircut~ haha..

overall still.. boleh tahan lar..

i went kimarie @timesquare , it was better than last time Jetzen @ Mv,

"shrimpeeEgg" is one of the.. erm... can describe as "no matter you are kids or adults, u ll like tis food!"
so... it given a grade " U " as "umum" if i gonna advertise this in CineAds.. =)

btw, it is easy to cook. depends on the size of shrimps u willing to buy~

but.. bigger size doesnt mean nicer taste. =)

difficulties: * (1 star)

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Friday, January 25, 2008

~~story of an Apple & Sate~~

do you know which snacks is the most popular in the current malaysian mind?? ahaha..

or... which snacks in hottest trend? haha...for me is J.Co ; BigApple . get it?? ^^

i heard bout this brand for a long time, but i dun have time to taste them.. haha...

today i finally tried one of the most famous donuts in the city!! (haha... i m abit late right..? haha... )

this afternoon, i went oneU with my frens, and we were discussing what to eat, and he asked us : you wanna try some donuts??"

" ohh... is it J.Co or BigApple??!!" i replied, coz i jus read it from newspaper in the morning.

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee

J.Co Donuts & Coffee

J&Co available in Pavillion KL, and BigApple available in oneU , in klang valley, a "donuts fever" is spreading all over the street... peoples' mind.. wow.. according to my fren, normally there was a looooong loooong queue in front of BigApple, mayb today isnt weekend or public holiday, but there still alot customers coming in and out.. i wondering: " really taste that good???" must try try...

A simple yet modern design of the shop~ this is franchise business style!! =)

in oneU new wing

v bought a total of 12 for 4 of us! there were few repetition, i think v shud choose different type rite? haha

sooooo delicious....

this donut really taste good! icerBerg, i will be back~!!!!!!!!!! iceBerg-this one has a great icing on top!!

i tot only mcDonald McFlurry got oreo!! ahah... this is a good idea!! this "Apple" has a creative mind!! hoho~

this one with oreo topping!! i love it too!!

this one... erm... a bit normal lo, i felt like eating peanut butter spread on bread~~ ahha

Whitnut donut...

this is the second part of the story... =)

kajang sate.. a well-developed brand for sate. so... even not in kajang, those who selling sate will try to promote their sate as " kajang sate" . ahha...

for me, the only kajang sate i personally recognised is the one further down metro point. (ops, i din jot down the restaurant name. jus noticed that the opposite is a indian restaurant~!)

ordered total 60s sates... exclusively for 4 of us!! ahha...(crapping...^^)

a chicken-sate with its sauce~~

haha... today i m so happy~ i ate donuts! 3 wasnt enuff for me...nex time i ll buy 6! ahah

i looking forward to try J.Co in pavillion!! i started fall in love wit donuts! hahaa...

well... today's difficulties = " zero "

u are required to prepare nothing!!! jus a little amount of MONEY~~ ahha..

good luck!!!

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

~Chaxiu King~

i had a very delicious dinner jus now!! coz that one was one of my favourite food!!

well, i think the only people who tried my "chaxiu" only my family and secondary skol fren.

so far in nottingham, erm.. only 2 of my housemates tried b4! =)

okok, to cook tis, you will need some "more-than-basic cooking skills" ! haha.. that means u may have to ask ur mother to guide u! ( ops.. sorry, mayb those who reading this are super-pro chef.. ahha.. paiseh!)..

well, lets start!

first, u have to get urself an oven. ( mine is those a fan on top generating heat, =.= dunno the exact name of that machine )

after that, you will need to buy some " fa yok" (name in cantonese and already shown in pic) n seasoned them.

do not put into fridge right after u seasoned it, coz have to let it process 10 mins in order to taste better.

preheat the oven for 10 minutes. then let the pork be sitted... ( haha.. crapping)

set the temperature to 225 celcius and 30 minutes time.
after 15 minutes....

5 minutes more to done!! haha..

this is what people call " last minute" !! ahah..
not bad ma~~but the "last minute" was so looong for me!!! ahha

wow... so hot!!! yeah, finally done!!

the one beside is chaxiu sause~ yummy

dada~~!! DONE
: " mom, dinner time!!!! "
haha... i ate 2x rice jus now... hoho~

well, how do u think? haha

difficulties : ***** (5 stars)

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


well, today i dont have much time to prepare my dinner. coz i was so busy on9ing the whole day... haha..

actually i din know what core material my mom bought for today's dinner. she jus told me : "a fish"
erm.. i not really know about the specific name of that fish, but in cantonese it is called"hak cheong"

dun worry la, u can ask ur mom, aunty, or " yi ma gu jie " , i think they knew it, if not jus google it!! haha

i took me some time to name that dish.. hmm..

this type of cooking method jus unconsciously popped up in my mind when i started cooking. =), since my bro say it is delicious... so jus a simple yet complicated name --> "delicioueesFish" haha..
photos from different angle
this is very easy to cook! =) add oil!
difficulties : ** ( 2 star)
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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


i had a spaghetti for my dinner just now, erm.. and i would like to share with u! haha...

Actually, it is not difficult to cook urself a spaghetti, however, it doesnt mean easy ya ! haha

This is the first time i cook my family a "spaghettaboudit" dinner. what does it mean? i also not really clear, jus a word from a book i read before this. ( crapping)

Below is some simple way which guide u to cook urself a spaghetti ( i wish u enjoy) ^^ :

for sure...u need to visit grocery shop ( if not where u expect to get those material ohh =.=) and buy material A : a Prego Pasta Sauce, a pack of Fettuccine and a canned mushroom and basil leaves.


SECOND step is to prepare material B

minced chicken breast

tomatoes (3-4)

onion (chopped)

garlic (chopped)

mushroon (sliced)

Next, in a large soucepan (or any other pot u think ll fit) over a medium-high heat, cook the chicken.

add the onion, garlic, and cook until tender. Pour in the mushrooms, tomatoes, pasta sauce and stir everything together. Simmer.

In a seperate pot, cook the spaghetti / fettuccine according to the packet instruction.

however, according to the intruction,

" COOKS IN 11 MINUTES",but.. it took me 25 minutes to cook!!!! ( #$%$#*&^%#)


when the spaghetti/fettuccine ready, add some planta to the spaghetti , if not ll stick together. and also pour some dried basil leaves u bought before this.

last, serve the sauce you cook over the spaghetti/fettuccine

haha... it is not difficult right!
try it at home!
enjoy ya!! ^^

difficulties : *** ( 3 stars)
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