Friday, November 21, 2008

In U village for c902 to Escape to Africa

15 - u village8

Last Saturday, me, liching, munsum, and weyshaun accompany our birthday boy CHERN TA to lowayat to buy his whole new handphone. Sony Ericsson C902! (haha. chern ta, although u tried to be low profile.. but i still announced here!)

15 - u village5

We went Sg.Wang U-village to have my 3 in 1 meal. Breakfast + Lunch + tea time ! OMG! i was very hungry that time!!

1: liching’s vege claypot
2: chern ta’s roast pork rice
3: munsum’s spaghetti
4: mine and weyshaun’s butter chicken rice
5: wey shaun’s french toast

15 - u village2

Mr Chew posing with his food!

1: Hong Kong Milk tea
2: chern ta: “can u see my white teeth?? ”
3: asked for extra rice although not started eating

15 - u village6 1: Yao Ma Dei Chhicken rice
2: Me with my food
3: Hong Kong Stocking Milk

15 - u village7

1: Liching with her order

15 - u village3 1: Wey shaun
2: french toast
3: Butter Chicken Rice
4: Stocking Milk Tea

15 - u village4 1: Mun Sum
2: Chicken Spaghetti

15 - u village After our 3 in 1 lunch, we went for movie. Madagasgar!! SUPER NICE!!
1: shaun’s hand…???!!! lols…
2: Chern ta self shot with his c902

15 - u village1 Some Chern Ta’s photo~~~~ *as usual! *


  1. haha u all shud make ur faces like the shocked faces with the madagascar poster.. hehee

    so cute!!

  2. those faces are hilarious, OMG your page is so glossy

    about the food Rachel, i can only wish, spicy food gives me heart burns nowadays, which is cos am in Asia

  3. rl: u know... i m a low-profile person... so.. =P

    collen: haha... thanks collen!!! oh? u cant take spicy??