Saturday, November 1, 2008

Why my creamy salmon penne pasta sucked big time!


Hello folks! It’s been quite sometime since I last criticized about food right? Well, the <strike>bitchiness in me</strike> struck again!

This is what I had for lunch on Monday. What you see above is boiled cabbage with a touch of butter, fried potato slices and creamy salmon penne pasta. You must be thinking = WAH!!! So nice! So nice! Must be delicious!

Unfortunately, ONLY the potatoes are OKAY.

Let me start of with the boiled cabbage. The cabbage was OVERBOILED, tasteless even though with a touch of butter or somesort.

Secondly, let me move on to the creamy salmon penne pasta. It’s totally tasteless. Serious. Tasteless. I can’t believe it. Salmon pasta ruined just like that.

I tried my best to finish half of the salmon pasta and had a few mouthfuls of the cabbage, and finished half of the potatoes.

& I think the chef’s mood on Monday wasn’t good at all…