Sunday, October 12, 2008

Aunty Mary Chicken Curry?? i dun think so...

Previously, i mentioned about my aunty chicken curry : " Aunty Mary Chicken Curry".

I got this secret ingredient (ingredient A) from her, which is a combination of more than 6 materials!

This is the liquid (ingredient B) drained from ingredient A, put it aside for later use.

First of all, stir-fry ingredient A for 5 minutes~

Add in chilli-boh. U can get chilli-boh in any markets or hypermart~

Stir-fry ~ untill u can smell the aroma of chilli~ hmm~~

mixed chicken together and stir-fried it~
Add in liquid B

simmer for 25 minutes with medium-low heat


Erm... i give myself a mark 60%.. it doesnt smells and tastes like what my aunty cook for me last time~ and even the look.. totally different!!!! WHATS my error??? i will clarify with my aunty and try it next time!! wait for my TAKE 2 !!

any curry recipe from u??

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