Friday, October 17, 2008

Food in a week!

Here's some of the food; all in a week served by The University of Nottingham's catered halls. Living in catered halls (like Southwell hall and Newark Hall in Jubilee Campus), it costs GBP159.48 (GBP4944 / 31) per week for meals and an en-suite room.

Weird thing is, I do not start on a Monday. I'll start on a Thursday instead! And also, it's not really a week, I skipped a bit though. Haha.

This is what I had for lunch on Thursday :

Beef lasagna with curly fries

A bowl of fresh garden salad

And a few glasses of lemonade (refillable)

This is what I had for Saturday's brunch :

For weekend brunch, we get to choose any 6 items of food. I chose : Black pepper sausage, chips, fish filet, scrambled eggs, and baked beans.

This to go along with the chips, scrambled eggs, fish fillet and sausage.

A cup of white coffee to start off the day.

Then, on Saturday's dinner, we had probably one of the best dinners here so far - probably treat us something good after a whole afternoon of shopping at Broadmarsh :

Mushroom soup as starters

Pastry with pork meatballs, cabbage and curly fries. The pork meatball was omgfg-ly delicious and mouth watering!

A glass of cordial (cranberry juice), banana (if you can spot it)

Then, this is what I had for lunch on Monday :

Roasted chicken, chips & garden salad

You can take any type of drinks you want, provided that lunch time, what you take is within the GBP4.50 limit. If its over, you have to pay extra. Usually if its over, you only have to pay like GBP0.10 or 0.20, or 0.30 extra. This is Sara's drink

My complete lunch that costs GBP3.80 and I do not have to pay cause it's within the GBP4.50 limit for lunch. Damn. I should have taken a bottle of juice or something. Haha

Lunch on Tuesday was :

Penne pasta with pork meatballs and green peas

My whole complete lunch :

Garden salad, green peas, penne pasta & pork meatballs & Robinson's fruit spring - orange & mandarin

Followed by dinner :

Rice, chicken meat with indian curry, potato cream soup, banana and lemonade.
They're very generous with the chicken meat, and what's best is that it's tasty!

Lunch on Wednesday was :

???? What's that??? with fries?

It's chicken wrap! (sorry, it seems like the veges are covering up the chicken). I chose Piri-piri chicken wrap.

Lunch on Thursday was ...

Garden salad, penne pasta, and beef

Complemented by....


AND ...
For breakfast....WE HAVE THIS EVERYDAY!

Unlimited. You can take as much as you want.
I've been eating this for 1 whole month now & I'm not bored with it yet.

=( I'm beginning to gain weight now! I need to... EXERCISE!!!

So peeps.... are you drooling now?


  1. arghhh!!!!!!!!!!
    compared with urs... our caterers look so dumb!!! OMG!!
    oh ya, i ll possibly blog about our new caterer nex week. =)

  2. haha sure sure!
    cant wait to hear bout the new cafeteria!

  3. and then...for the SA downstairs..of all of sudden...its was closed for random it is...chenxing was in shocked!!!
    and about the cats eye up stairs!!!