Friday, February 26, 2010

CNY at Muar

Happy CNY!! It has been a long time from my last update! This entry is gonna talk about my cny in Muar. My hometown! I dint manage to snap any of the reunion dinner that night, that was because i was almost exhausted after trapping in a traffic for 2 hours.. *urgh*

Right after we arrived, straight away dinner! ^^ Pictures shown below was the lunch on the first day of CNY.

IMG_0201 Muar Chicken Curry cook with bean curd. 

IMG_0205 Babi-Hong
Pork cook with 12 types of secret ingredient from my aunty, It supposed to be delicious if it cook with the right part of pork (eg: three layer meat), however, i thought it was a failure this year.

Beancurd cook with a special sauce! This taste can never be found in KL!! D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S
Each of the beancurd have a length and width around 3.5cm lx 3.5cm, i have eaten around 9 of them! =P


On the next day, we were invited to a wedding lunch from my dad’s friend in Muar. This malay friend is the owner of the luntung store in Sg. Mati. Their wedding style is totally different from Chinese style, everyone is welcomed and you can eat as much as you like!! of course, to coupe with the demand, unlimited supply of food is a must!



I found this abit.. disgusting. It is made of glutinous rice with some juice.. *ish*

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

PuChong Yong Tau Fu @ Jalan Tembusu

IMG_4887 Puchong Yong Tau Fu, is located Jalan Tembusu, PuChong. It is 10 mins from Mutiara Puchong Housing Area. You can easily spot it, just opposite the government school.

IMG_4886 This restaurant is jus opposite a SMK school.

To be honest, i had a very high expectation on this Pu Chong Yong Tau Fu, coz one of my uni fren told me that she never heard about Ampang Yong Tau Fu, which is a well established and delicious one. She added that the best Yong Tau Fu she ever had was  PuChong Yong Tau Fu. 

The moment i heard this, i was thinking “ waa.. you sure or not o?!”

One fine day, i decided to give it a try and i did hope it wont disappoint me… that much! First of all, I was impressed by its number of customers dining there, that place were so full! But we manage to find our seats. Hmm.. the weather was jus too hot!


They have relatively different ordering process, you have to approach them and pick which type of Yong Tau Fu you want and the quantity then put in into a basket. Later on, they will so-called “freshly-made” it for you. Their idea was a plus point! *clap clap*, though i din get why they practice that way. LOL

IMG_4883I randomly pick around 10 pieces. After 7 to 10 minutes, Yong Tau Fu and soup were served.  To me,  their yong tau fu was jus too dry!! Perhaps that’s why they served with soup… okaaay..

Talking about the taste? it jus too dried until not really can recognise and remember the taste..  Actually, fried stuff shouldn’t be too dried one, crunchy outside but juicy inside would be the best one! Too bad they didn’t make it! 

So, who ever said this PuChong Yong Tau Fu is nice, please spend some time travel to ampang and try, one more thing, 10 pieces of yong tau fu and 2 chinese tea. It costs me rm19!! Hmm… until now, i still have the feeling : i kena cheated.. HAIX

Monday, February 1, 2010



While reordering my photos, i just realised that i never blog about this before! This happened last year summer while i was working for Mastercard Redemption Counter in Mid Valley. I met up with Peggy, one of my National Service Delta group mate. We had our lunch in Paddington House of Pancake. I was always been wondering, what kind of restaurant is this? Selling pancakes that i can make it at home? What makes everyone pay for their pancake?

IMG_2288  IMG_2286

i couldn’t recalled what dish i ordered. It was something like salmon with some tomato stuff. Then, it came with 3 pieces of pancake as side dish. Owh!! thats their way of presenting the pancake, i tot they will probably wrap up my salmon with pancake..LOL.
One thing, i faced difficulties while browsing through their menu, just because they have a menu almost the size of a yellow pages! @.@ Very thick, it means that they serving a huge range of choices!


And, their decoration was just so nice and exquisite, it made us din feel like eating.. Coz we were jus too  too bad if we ever ruined the entire decoration. LOL

Comment? I cant do any comment while i jus tried one in a million of their menu right? I will do more testing before i really come to any conclusions. Anyway, my first attempt was “okaay, not too bad.” i am gonna ask jonathan to really introduce me their superb signature dish!!