Friday, February 26, 2010

CNY at Muar

Happy CNY!! It has been a long time from my last update! This entry is gonna talk about my cny in Muar. My hometown! I dint manage to snap any of the reunion dinner that night, that was because i was almost exhausted after trapping in a traffic for 2 hours.. *urgh*

Right after we arrived, straight away dinner! ^^ Pictures shown below was the lunch on the first day of CNY.

IMG_0201 Muar Chicken Curry cook with bean curd. 

IMG_0205 Babi-Hong
Pork cook with 12 types of secret ingredient from my aunty, It supposed to be delicious if it cook with the right part of pork (eg: three layer meat), however, i thought it was a failure this year.

Beancurd cook with a special sauce! This taste can never be found in KL!! D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S
Each of the beancurd have a length and width around 3.5cm lx 3.5cm, i have eaten around 9 of them! =P


On the next day, we were invited to a wedding lunch from my dad’s friend in Muar. This malay friend is the owner of the luntung store in Sg. Mati. Their wedding style is totally different from Chinese style, everyone is welcomed and you can eat as much as you like!! of course, to coupe with the demand, unlimited supply of food is a must!



I found this abit.. disgusting. It is made of glutinous rice with some juice.. *ish*


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