Monday, February 1, 2010



While reordering my photos, i just realised that i never blog about this before! This happened last year summer while i was working for Mastercard Redemption Counter in Mid Valley. I met up with Peggy, one of my National Service Delta group mate. We had our lunch in Paddington House of Pancake. I was always been wondering, what kind of restaurant is this? Selling pancakes that i can make it at home? What makes everyone pay for their pancake?

IMG_2288  IMG_2286

i couldn’t recalled what dish i ordered. It was something like salmon with some tomato stuff. Then, it came with 3 pieces of pancake as side dish. Owh!! thats their way of presenting the pancake, i tot they will probably wrap up my salmon with pancake..LOL.
One thing, i faced difficulties while browsing through their menu, just because they have a menu almost the size of a yellow pages! @.@ Very thick, it means that they serving a huge range of choices!


And, their decoration was just so nice and exquisite, it made us din feel like eating.. Coz we were jus too  too bad if we ever ruined the entire decoration. LOL

Comment? I cant do any comment while i jus tried one in a million of their menu right? I will do more testing before i really come to any conclusions. Anyway, my first attempt was “okaay, not too bad.” i am gonna ask jonathan to really introduce me their superb signature dish!!

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