Thursday, January 31, 2008

gombak mixRice

Today's foodie special is " gombak mixRice ".

during my previous birthday, i had a lunch in a korean restaurant and my friend ordered "korean mixRice". According to them, korean mixRice is the combination of all leftover food in their previous dinner. Well, my mixrice for sure is 100% fresh~ haha..

i dont have any idea about what name shud be given to this mixrice, fine... i from srigombak, so... jus "Gombak mixRice" will do~! =)

well, foodie objectives is about how to use the simplest material and make a delicious food!!

so, the material is quite simple. u have to prepare some long beans,,some dried shrimps and some meats. i chose some pork. wanna keep fit? any lean meat will do~

about those dried shrimps, u have to chop it to little pieces in order to taste better.

first, pour some oil into a pot and pork have to be cooked untill little brownish.

secondly, add all long bean and driend shrimps with pork together.

thirdly, add some black soya sauce to colour it~


after that, move all the rice into ur electric rice cooker and cook it~~

add water -->

after 30 minutes...DONE

difficulties: *** (3 stars)


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  1. hey there!!
    looks delicious!!
    you cook???

  2. you should try korean mixrice in your next post. hehe! XP

  3. well... do u know any korean chef? or do u think oppa know how to make it?