Friday, January 25, 2008

~~story of an Apple & Sate~~

do you know which snacks is the most popular in the current malaysian mind?? ahaha..

or... which snacks in hottest trend? haha...for me is J.Co ; BigApple . get it?? ^^

i heard bout this brand for a long time, but i dun have time to taste them.. haha...

today i finally tried one of the most famous donuts in the city!! (haha... i m abit late right..? haha... )

this afternoon, i went oneU with my frens, and we were discussing what to eat, and he asked us : you wanna try some donuts??"

" ohh... is it J.Co or BigApple??!!" i replied, coz i jus read it from newspaper in the morning.

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee

J.Co Donuts & Coffee

J&Co available in Pavillion KL, and BigApple available in oneU , in klang valley, a "donuts fever" is spreading all over the street... peoples' mind.. wow.. according to my fren, normally there was a looooong loooong queue in front of BigApple, mayb today isnt weekend or public holiday, but there still alot customers coming in and out.. i wondering: " really taste that good???" must try try...

A simple yet modern design of the shop~ this is franchise business style!! =)

in oneU new wing

v bought a total of 12 for 4 of us! there were few repetition, i think v shud choose different type rite? haha

sooooo delicious....

this donut really taste good! icerBerg, i will be back~!!!!!!!!!! iceBerg-this one has a great icing on top!!

i tot only mcDonald McFlurry got oreo!! ahah... this is a good idea!! this "Apple" has a creative mind!! hoho~

this one with oreo topping!! i love it too!!

this one... erm... a bit normal lo, i felt like eating peanut butter spread on bread~~ ahha

Whitnut donut...

this is the second part of the story... =)

kajang sate.. a well-developed brand for sate. so... even not in kajang, those who selling sate will try to promote their sate as " kajang sate" . ahha...

for me, the only kajang sate i personally recognised is the one further down metro point. (ops, i din jot down the restaurant name. jus noticed that the opposite is a indian restaurant~!)

ordered total 60s sates... exclusively for 4 of us!! ahha...(crapping...^^)

a chicken-sate with its sauce~~

haha... today i m so happy~ i ate donuts! 3 wasnt enuff for me...nex time i ll buy 6! ahah

i looking forward to try J.Co in pavillion!! i started fall in love wit donuts! hahaa...

well... today's difficulties = " zero "

u are required to prepare nothing!!! jus a little amount of MONEY~~ ahha..

good luck!!!

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  1. how about me? T.T the donuts...=(

  2. what about u?? ahha.. btw, you are??? =)

  3. i also want to eat the donuts laa T.T
    hint: someone