Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sui Gao

I had one of my favouritEST dinner! haha... >> Sui Gao <<
I will jus roughly show u the step, for details, jus ask ur mom!! coz ur mommy sure knew how to make it! haha...

1. Make it into ur preferred shape~

2. If u wish to have a Sui Gao -soup, you will need to boil them first. How to determine whether they are cooked?? u will see them "swim" up from the bottom of the pot, means DONE! lols..

Either way, u can fry them after u wrapped them. This way more attractive!! haha... most of us love fried food!! dont u??

Monday, July 21, 2008

HOMI Chicken Curry Puff

Today our VIP customer came our shop. Hmm...AGAIN~! lol... this lady, really a rich lady! lols... last time she came our shop n bought 3 bags in one shot...
i really got no idea what to do with that 3 bags~ lols... then today, another handbag! =.=
too much money d~ but i dun care la, non of my business oso.
First, i am not getting any commision from what she bought, n that one was her money! lols...
BUT, evitime she came also brought us some food~ lols...

This time, is Chicken Curry Puff~ hmm... this curry puff is different from what u bought from gerai mak cik at the roadside~ The SIZE is BIG! as u can see below~

OKAY, i wanna say sth about this CHICKEN curry puff!!! First thing, it smells nice, and is crispy enuff!! BUT.... since HOMI named their curry puff as CHICKEN curry puff, they shud at least put some chicken inside.... >>TOO BAD<<, none of us managed to bite any single chicken element~ lols... not even chicken atom or molecule~ =.=

If u interested, jus follow the address given. Or u can call them and ask for reservation!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ipoh Road Yong Tau Fu

This Yong Tau Fu consider the nearest from my house. Normally about eating yong tau fu, we will ahead to Ampang. There is a Ampang HongHong Yong Tau Fu! my favouriteEST!! lols....
but... in consider with the petrol price raised about 40%.... we sometimes take some alternative solution. lols.... (what the hell m i talking about??) ahhaa...
Pricing... more n more expensive compared to few years ago.. I still remember last time was 50-60 cent per piece! Now already 90cent!! walao.... All this have to thank to the contribution of our existing government! and those broker who controlling the oil price in the international market!!! hmmph!! i hate u!

5 of us, we ordered nearly 50 pieces! we made wrong decision... we couldnt finished them!! sigh!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Buffet dinner at Shangri-La Rasa Sayang Hotel

Thinking of going for a nice, value for money, good atmosphere, service, delicious buffet dinner in Penang but don't know where to go??? Fear not.... I recommend you this :

On Wednesday, I had dinner at Shangri-la's Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa. The place : Spice Market.

Yours truly & sushi

Quote from Shangri-La's Rasa Sayang :

The Spice Market Café is an informal buffet-style restaurant that offers authentic cuisines from diverse cultures that reflect Penang's heritage as a cultural crossroads: Chinese, Indian, Nyonya-Baba, Japanese, Thai, Western and international. The café is right beside the unique free-form swimming pools, under a canopy of century-old rain trees that echo with the delightful sounds of chirping tropical birds.

Guests dining outside are cooled by sea breezes. Outdoor seats are also available at special timber decks overlooking the sandy expanse of Batu Feringgi Beach.

While dining indoors in the air-coniditioned dining room, you may enjoy the view of our kitchen theatres in which our chefs prepare the dishes that have been ordered.

The food was delicious, appetizing, looks good, smells good, fresh with lots of herbs and spices used. It has a very nice ambience, atmosphere, excellent service, wide variety of food... Oh! Did you know, about 7.30PM, Chef Wan came and dined in also, together with his set of crews. We just smiled at each other as I walked pass him (I am actually taller than him, hohoho). I was like telling my brother, aiya, later la, only take picture with him. Now, eat first. MANATAU the time I finish eating, he also chao di. Boo hoo hoo. If not, it would be great to have a picture with him here in OnlyFoodie!

My brother & I

HOLD YOUR APPETITE... it's mouth watering... gaa..gaa..gaa...

#1 & 2 : Sushi & Tandoori
#3 &4 : Prawns & Yabbies

Yours truly. Haha

From this to that

#1 & 2 : Cold seafood & potatoes, squid, zuchinni's, beef lasagna, beef steak

Well, besides that, other than eating, you can have a nice time enjoying yourself in the washroom! Haha Serious. The washroom is not any average washroom. You can actually end up having a nice time taking pictures in it. Example :

Taken last year December with Li Ching & Chen-Xing



Alright, now back to MORE FOOD.... (that was a commercial break actually. Haha)

....And ALL that for only RM104++. So total (plus taxes) it's RM120 per pax. That's for weekdays. For weekends, it's another different price already. Haha. Worth it, right? Oh my, I'm like doing a free advertising for Rasa Sayang only! And I don't even have any commission for it!

ah! I even dream of it while I'm asleep....

Warm chocolate fountain & vanilla too!

Ah.. I could still remember, my 1st time eating such a thing was back then in Traders Hotel.