Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hofbräuhaus Lindenbräu, Berlin

Hofbräuhaus Lindenbräu is a Brewery in Berlin in the Sony Center, Berlin, Germany. We randomly walked around and be touristy around Sony Centre that we were attracted to a pub, as the setting was adequately nice and we were pretty hungry at that time. So we settled in Hofbräuhaus Lindenbräu. That was one good decision.

We had in house brew wheat beer, couple of other drinks and desserts.... guess what? They were SO GOOD! The price was reasonable too!

Desserts and Drinks menu


Honey Lemon tea

The in house brew beer was VERY GOOD!

 Prost!!! (That's cheers in German)
Foodies Jon and Rach at far left and friends

The brewery itself

This was like €5 or €6

Mocha blend

Ice cream with cranberry sauce, or similar.

Everything we ordered was so good, we went back consistently for 2 nights in a row! :)

The address for this place is:

Bellevuestr. 3-5, 10785 Berlin
+49 30 25751280

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