Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ikan Bakar @ Restaurant LanSi

DSC_0027 This Kedai Makanan Pokok Jati located not far away from University of Nottingham, Semenyih. It is on the way to Broga.
We had a BAD BAD BAD experience on this kedai makanan and it has been given a new name: Kadai Makanan LanSi. =)

DSC_0001 Cheryl Tan
Pei Yi
Ai Peng
DSC_0023 Thats the Mr Lan Si.
The reason why it was granted the new name because:
A : All of us                            B: Mr LanSi aka Boss
A: Lets sit inside the aircond area. Boss, can you on the aircond for us?
B: ok…
A: Hmm, lets sit this table (table not direct facing the aircond)
B: Can u guys sit the one facing the aircond? otherwise it is no point i on this aircond!
A: >.< ok…
* We talk among ourself after settle down*
B: EH can u guys dun talk first? Order first!
A: *wtf* by heart…
A1: I wan a signature steam fish!
A2: eh… shud eat ikan bakar ma right?
A1: okok! boss, do u have signature ikan bakar?
B: Dun ask me whether i have it or not, jus that u wan it or not. Thats all ok?
*continue ordering with a pik cik mood* damn dulan
B: Anything else?
A: no
B: so what u guys wan for drinks?
A: Tea
B: wan ice?
A1: i wan
A2: i think i dun wan
B: SO u guys want or dun want? jus tell me wan or dun wan ok?

Discussing whether the boss having menopause or not
DSC_0017 Their “Seremban Style Egg” TOTAL FAILED!
They oni put onion inside… wtf
Signature steam fish
Chilipadi Steam Fish

Kang kung with belacan
AN ordinary dinner with a lousy service in the Kedai Makanan Lan Si

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  1. i go there many times. The bos is very friendly and good service.