Thursday, October 23, 2008

a WOW from semenyih @ Cat's Eye Restaurant

Well well well!!!! Here's the VERY GOOD news from semnyih! A rural area which has a world class university! but... students here never had a good meal!! From Students Association Cafeteria , Admin Block Restaurant, to Forest Bar, Idi's Bar in Taman Tasik Semenyih... all jus edible ... SAD HORRR!!


here comes the CAT's EYE restaurant!!

Cat's Eye menu.. well, it consider a lil bit pricy but u will feel the satisfaction of eating and the willingness to pay for it!! hahaa....

Their interior~ well, i think they really renovate it. Cant be said as first class la, but it is consider comfortable tho...


cam-whoring while waiting for food~ JON, did i force u to smileeee??

My thai special~

kerabu, ayam pandan(chicken with pandan leave), and tomyam soup

Danial's Chicken Chop
danial: ''it is BIG and mushroom sauce is so nice! i want more!!!!"

Tomyam Soup

Jon's Sambal petai

p/s: arsenal ROCKS!!!

It is really WORTH to try!!!! GOGO!!!!