Saturday, October 25, 2008

Good food turn bad...

I bet you guys have heard of Rihanna's album - Good Girl Gone Bad right? I mean, come on.. who have not heard of Rihanna before??? It's like almost a household name right now, especially the "Rihanna hair cut".

Don't worry guys, I won't be talking about Rihanna cause Rihanna's not edible. Not unless Rihanna decides to cookie-fy herself. Like come out with chocolate cookie products of herself or so, then only we'll talk bout her more over here. Haha.

What I'm going to blog about today is...

There are times when good food in catered halls turn bad. It's either you eat it, and not bother much, starve, or cook your own instant noodles in your room, or order takeaways. Days when the food are edible *click*click*


However, for the past few days, food in catered halls suck big time! Usually, I do not mind much about food when I'm really hungry but this time... it goes the other way round.

This is what I had for dinner on Thursday night :

Pumpkin soup, rice, turkey meat in tomato pasta paste, orange juice & jelly.

Sadly enough, out of the 4 items, only 1/2 is okay which are : jelly & orange juice! The pumpkin soup is too diluted, tasteless, and the rice is too hard, it's like its uncooked, and the turkey in tomato pasta paste is horrible. It's too sweet, and overall it tastes weird. I couldn't finish it anyway.

The next day... *jeng*jeng*jeng*

Friday's lunch :

Beef and rice, salad, orange juice.

The beef was alright. Tender and all, BUT THE RICE IS UNACCEPTABLE! It's so hard and uncooked! I miss those days when rice is fully cooked.

Anyway, over here, I do eat more fresh green salad than I normally do back home. In almost every meal, you'd see me having a bowl of fresh green salad. I do not put any dressing on my salad cause I do not like any dressing on my salad. The only dressing I accept on my salad is - French Dressing. At times, they have French dressing, so I'll put that on my salad, and when they do not have it, I'll eat my salad plain - like I'm eating grass. Haha joking bout the grass!

Suprise! I'm not much of a salad person, but I need to eat vegetables, to balance out the meats that I eat. Over here, the vegetables are either : boiled brocolli, boiled cauliflower, boiled cabbage, boiled potatoes, fried potatoes, steamed potatoes, boiled green peas, boiled corn... It's not like what we usually have back home like: Fried sambal belacan kangkung, sambal petai, fried tauge with salted fish, fried choi sam, etc etc. YUM YUM!

On Friday night, I decided to skip dinner cause I doubt the food will be good. I opted for : NOODLES!!! Nothing beats a bowl of hot noodles when good food turn bad! Haha.

This is a HK brand noodle. My 1st time trying it. What's the brand again? I can't read chinese.

Look ma! Wantan mee noodles!!! Whee!!! *shed tears of joy!!!*

Nothing beats a bowl of hot noodle soup during a cold weather!

Do you find my bowl nice? Haha. It's from the brand Pyrex and it's cheap here, only GBP2.99. Back home it costs RM30+ for a normal small bowl. Sara & I bought one each cause we do not have a bowl here. Do you find my pair of metal chopsticks nice? hahaha. I'm too perasan.

Alright... this is the end of the 1st episode of "Good Food Turn Bad". Let's hope there'll be better food served tomorrow!


  1. owh, that is sad. western ppl definitely cant cook rice like we do..think positive, as long ur body can absorb the nutrient from the food, just ignore the taste sometimes..=)

  2. haha yeah!!! hahaha not only the rice, but the main dish is oso bad... haihz... hahaha i wanted to be cincai.. actually, my food standard dropped a lot. i've become more cincai in food & taste already. haha. but this one is simply unacceptable!

    let's eat like queens in Jogoya aight?

  3. haha... why dropped leh?? lols...
    oh ya, jogoya having promotion !!! 50% off for ladies!!!

  4. WHAT THE...WHAT THE!!! 50% off? OMFG!!
    when will the promo be until???

  5. hahaha... yeah! last month was man promotion,.. but i missed it!!
    erm... 17 december if i not mistaken! lols... wanna fly back?? hahaa